I see you,

But you can't see me.

I haunt you, a ghost

And you're dead, to me.

I wish you well,

But far, far away from me.

I see you,

But not lately.

If I were Marshall,

You'd be my Debbie.

It's been five years,

I'm just as crazy.

I'd love to forget, but

I'd never trade my memory.

I don't play the blame game.

Life's better without speaking your name.

I used to be so stupid!

Live and we learn, don't we?

You must be living in a fucked up fantasy,

If you think you'll ever defeat me.

Older now, I am grown.

This is my family, this is my home.

The door is locked, no room for you.

What good does violence do?

Why do you own a gun?

Are you going to off me?

Shoot me down?

Bury me alive, lost underground?

You can't kill me.

Do you know why?

I survived you,

I'm still alive.

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