"T" Is For Tragedy

Ideal tragic hero

Is highly virtuous and just,

Misfortune, however, is brought upon

By some error in judgment.

Several points to note concerning tragedy:

First of all,

Tragedy involves human beings.


The individual tragic hero.

Furthermore, recognize human life states

Happiness, misery,

Fortune, misfortune,

In and out of which


Here, "Poetic Justice"

The good prosper and the evil suffer.

Likewise existence of moral order

In the Universe, the element of chance or luck,

Which possibly extend to include fate or destiny.

Tragedy is serious.

It involves emotions of a particular sort.

Man in a world which there is an element of chance

Fate, so far as man himself is concerned,

There is a definite moral order in some sort, and

Moral chaos.

Tragedy survived.

Was born before the city had achieved the first

Dramatic victory.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a "Found" genre poem... Borrowed from 7 Famous Greek Plays..

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