In the Case of: The Lamb vs The Lion

My Soul's mortal journey,

March's in rhythm to a tiresome road.

Nomadically, I march along

Naturally, I carry on alone.

Drum beats a wary way cry.

My soul mourns in forced silence.

As a result, I get slapped,

Straight in the face of sorrow.

I hear my Soul's shrieks,

it's frightened gasps...

In awe of terror,

The construction of fear.

Obbessive, over-stimulation of grief,

Misfortune of distrust, thus beckons agony.

As the desperate, starving Lion

Devourers the cherubic sheep.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Life has it's cycles- it's logically naturally.
But "If you want to get out alive, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE".

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