Tonight I made my lover cry.

Truly, I hate being the reason.

Enchantment now jaded, gone awry...

Always content to be your ally.

Rock bottom, I am your guiding beacon.

Ruthless am I, to make you cry.

Your incandescence beckons me like a firefly,

Merry-go-round today, dizzy clock-hands spun,

Precious moments lost forever, gone awry...

I sense the dynamic of how you lie.

Know you like the back roads of my hand, steady driven.

Stronger than I, hiding the tears you cry...

You know I play dirty, sometimes I spy,

Can't help it, your embrace is my heaven.

Cloudy 9, joy ride whirl-wind awry...

Full circle, two pairs entangled in shuteye.

Graceful heartbeats lull me to my peace-filled haven,

Let me be your safe house harbor, please don't cry,

Find refuge in me when circumstances go awry.

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