My Dad...


Madhanala Shaila Prasad

Dad…; you nurtured my life,

living no stone unturned.

Struggle for bread and butter,

never let us sleep empty stomach.

Still my childhood memories,

allow me to relive,

Rubbing your beard with my chin,

the joyful game that we played.

Knowledge that I own,

Is a punishment in your hands.

Cursed you many a times,

for being harsh at study.

The slap is louder as, 

wild hunted nightmare dream.

Throughout the life you believed,  

there is no pain and no gain.

In beloved halts we were united,

every joy and sorrow,

never let us disfigure.

Hang out with us as friend,

and guided by sharing all,

dos and don’ts of life.

Chided and muttered,

Once I got the wings.

All those talks live forever,

your words and emotions

nor muffled nor blur.

You left all at once,

didn’t let me come fair,

didn’t let me fight.

Concerns for you never shred,

just transformed in another go.

Mounting it all around,

 still I find, heart did cry in its whole,

bearing the weigh…

..Dad, you left us, all at once.


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