I need to get back

In the game,

Cause I mean

Whoa... It's been a while.

So long I felt as if

I had forgotten how to do it.

To the point where,

I felt like a virgin again.

So I flipped through

The multicolored pages

Of scribbles, notes of hope

And despair

And I came across this --

I wish...

I wish that wishes came true

I wish that life was so good

You didn't have to make wishes.

I wish I could walk across the street

And watch a sun rise

Then turn around

And see a sun set.

I wish it was night time


I wish it was a sunny day

For eternity.

Sometimes I wish

We never met,

But we shared a love

That I'll never forget.

And it escapes me,

My reasoning for longing

For this empty feeling.

And while the world

Sings my song of

Loneliness and composure

I stumble across the

Interesting revelation

That it is what it is,

And it comes and goes

As it pleases.

But I am prepared,

To converse with the hearse

Bearing the worst of

Apocalyptic decisions...

Where will I go with my life?

What will I do?

So flood my eyes with your words

As you fill my space with your


Wait a minute!

Was I talking out loud?

"Yes" she said

As I replied "who are you?"

She was one of those girls,

You know

Peeking around every corner

Looking for Mr. Johnny come lately.

"Are you..." "No, I'm not," I said

"And I'm sorry

Cause I know how it feels...

Well..." I said. "It can't rain all the time."

As I turned my back to broken spirits

Because you won't find me there

Life's too short for that.

So like I said

I need to get back

In the game.

Cause I mean, whoa...

It's been a while.

But I can't stop thinking

Of her.

She had eyes like

The cold gray smoke

Of a warm dream

And a walk that made you go

Umph umph umph, like vanilla ice cream --

And being slightly interested

In the way things could be

Only seeing what I wanna see

I realize things just

Wouldn't be the same

Because... I need

To get back in the game.

To avoid the pain

Of being alone

As I sit at home

Chasing my thoughts

And pursuing the excitement

And enjoyment

Of parallel soliloquy's--

Mine and life.

Cause every little bit counts

As it ends up being

Not very subtle,

But very effective.

And I have become

A detective,

Counting clues and who's

Of what?

I don't know

Cause I mean


It's been a while

But I'm willing

To go that extra mile

Because damn it!

If I let go

Then I'll never know.


I'm gonna do it

Cause all I gotta do

Is put my mind to it.

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