A Psalm


Sing to the Lord, oh my soul

Creation praise it's Creator

Give thanks to our God

All you nations of Earth

For our every breath is a gift from above


If I were to sing of your blessings

I would die before I finish

If I were to recite your praises

I would disappear before the prologue


How great is our God!

The Lord of great multitudes

Of armies without number

Of children whom He loves


His love flows to all

Unchanging, uncontainable

His faithfulness never failing

Showing mercy to generations


He was there at creation

The progenitor of Life

The Triune One

The Father of Man


As the angels sing above

As the children will soon sing

“Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts,

His glory fills the whole Earth.”


So sing all you nations

Give glory to God

For His tender mercies

For His great love for us