Once I knew

book 15

Sitting now in still of night

     and in the darkness reflecting back

of all the ones that I once knew

     and only memories remain unto me


oh how I wish that I had

     something which to I could cling

that I now could again touch

     as once then so did we


but nothing of them does remain

     of but what once was a burning flame

only memories that do fade

     and into darkness slip all away


looking into the coming dark

     footsteps that alone I’ll take

wishing somehow that I could touch

     of the ones who once meant so much


perhaps I wonder perhaps I hope

     that somehow they still remember me

and think of me in dark of night

     with the remaining memories that do slowly fade


traces of love that I once felt

     crying for memories alone in the night

wishing somehow something remained

     that I could touch again what once there was



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