'tis grace

book 15

Rearing up

     before it lies

dark shadow cast

     and block the sky


through bitter cold

     and blazing light

even its might

     now scars are borne


slippery grit

     and loose stones

ledges narrow

     and cracks tight


flesh so weak

     and spirit quakes

the one must climb

     and overcome


simple brawn

     courage strong

no sure path

     nor way marked


still set forth

     and ascend

with care probe

     and errors find


else do waves

     in cold wind crash

splay like ice

     on tender flesh


no skill or might

     nor daring deed

courage counts not

     to cross this path


yet go we must be

     in fragile shell

toss to and throe

     with towering might


white knuckles seize

     as muscles shake

our bowels like waters

     and strength flows away


and charted course

     soon lost within

and all our tries

     are not enough


far below

     in blinding light

white gives way

     to new life


yet there not

     the path is not

and frozen cold

     is one our way


mud so cold

     on stones slip

grasping roots

     stops our steps


warmth does melt

     yet bitter cold

steels away

     both strength and will


yet others behind

     for us depend

to open the path

     and mark the way


heart does pound

     dry is mouth

and muscles quake

     and fear is strong


one cannot know

     and hope is weak

still we take

     another step


‘tis through grace

     that lifts us up

the way still hard

     but our burden light


together we

     still onward go

together on

     ‘tis through grace






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