Now again

book 15

Light again

     forms take shape

cool flows caress

     across my skin


day  again

     I realize

and yesterday

     returns again


fragments flee

     colored bits

words are lost

     touch is not


clarity was not

     within the night

within the dreams

     naught was found


I would not seek

     again this day

I would run

     and flee away


dark roads lie

     within my day

and I must choose

     even to flee


I did not seek

     nor have I found

answers are not

     within the night


the warmth of night

     within I would stay

in world of dreams

     asylum seek


shut out the light

     ignore the chill

flee from the day

     back in to night


last night I ran

     and fled away

seek to be lost

     and darkness find


oh would I find

     within my dreams

another world

     where answers lie


where questions simple

     and answers quick

without the grays

     just black and white


but dreams are lost

     visions not found

and from the night

     I am cast out


and now in light

     darkness I find

questions unanswered

     again I face



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