book 15


born within the eternal fire

     pure and clean bursting free

streaking outward through endless space

     going on word in endless race


chaos swirls defying forms

     heat and cold by friction moved

mountain’s high and valleys low

     while rivers racing between them go


rock is warmed by golden light

     then chilled again by dark of night

stresses struggle without resolve

     till fractures grow there within


water lies so deep and cold

     surface struck by bright light

moist mists above it forms

     carried by the flowing breeze


carried onto distant shore

     rushing over lush green trees

rising higher ever more

     into the sky racing high


turning cycles of dark and light

     endless flexing of solid stone

warmth of day and cold of night

     constant changing without


raindrops fall so clean and pure

     flowing free without a form

filling all where it does lie

     till there is no room for more


tiny cracks within the stone

     growing there oh so slow

connecting then at long last

     flake so tiny breaks then away


lifted up by racing wind

     freed from earth of rocks and soil

climbing high into the sky

     flying free upon the breeze


together now they do dance

     until then they embrace

and within the sky they grow

     first wispy white then growing dark


in heat of sun they do fly

     racing upwards into the sky

lifting air now so thin

     carries them not to higher be


till so high in bitter cold

     shining crystal there are formed

slowly then begin to fall

     flying faster along the way


through cold mists as they fall

     they do grow as a seed

crystals now in glimmering light

     in cold mists it does grow


freed from clouds it does break

     drifting down upon the breeze

till at last again to earth

     it does lie within our gaze


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