book 15

Life has cast me upon a distant shore

     the would not I have never chose


bits of wood silvered white

     dance and spin in morning light

light reflects like jewels bright

     in soft glow of mornings light


ebbs and flows the water goes

     gaining up and retreating back

hard and firm the wet sand lies

     pocked with imprints the dry sand be


lonely cries so softly call

     from wings soaring in morning breeze

of those seeking what they cannot find

     each day again with endless need


once adventure did for me lie

     a new beginning that I did seize

a journey to places unknown

     to learn of things unknown to me


many days traveled in ease

     carry along flowing breeze

the dome of blue above my head

     castles and dragons upon the breeze


yet skies would darken and thunder roll

     cold winds would blow and cold rain slash

and I would worry how I may

     live not till the coming day


yet most mornings began with golden light

     and most days passed in delight

and grand adventures did have I

     and traveled to lands beyond compare


and yet one day the breeze did turn

     and below unto a distant shore

and from it I could not turn

     and did grow the contrary wind


oh how could it ever be

     that it all would turn on me

that the course I could not control

     carried to where I would not be


dashed upon this distant shore

     to a land where I would not be

without a way to sail away

     to go again on morning breeze


my footsteps now upon the sand

     traveling up from crashing seas

knowing not where I might go

     for what this land will hold for me


long I do for what once was

     for the travels now loss to me

memories now just remain to me

     castaway where I would not be




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