Morning need

book 15


Wheat flour with sugar mixed

     emulsified with shortening thick

elixir of vanilla added in

     and a few chocolate chips


indigo darkness lies without

     distant trucks rumble on

forms and papers to be filled

     are what fills my computer screen


stomach empty does call out

     aching with an awful need

 and my thoughts do resist

     thinking of percentage fat


sugar of blood ‘tis not low

     sluggish not my thoughts do flow

yet my tooth all too sweet

     would like to nibble on a treat


In the pantry packages lie

     foil packets that keep fresh

glorious creations that I crave

     cookies with chocolate chips


near at hand can be found

     nectar kept deliciously cold

creamy rich that I crave

     milk for dunking cookies in


resisting still I work on

     even though I do crave

cookies rich and cup of milk

     to fulfill my morning need

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