Not there

book 15

In morning light

     shining so bright

in warming air

     and gentle breeze


as I did go

     on morning errand

my eyes did a light

     on a intriguing sight


feminine form

     soft full curves

attired so best

     to be displayed


full rounded curves

     barely contained

their movement did

     so catch my eye


swaying hips

     and legs so long

a face that said

     she could be mine


an arm reached out

     with casual air

as if to say

     nothing was there


the hand did hold

     the handle of

the stroller in which

     a baby laid


somehow I knew

     and was quite sure

the child was hers

     a lesson unlearned


that she did seek

     another man

to lay with

     and seek joy


and I did

     continue by

with shaking head

     and sad smile




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