Dark musing

book 15

Like a kettle of cast-iron black

     soiled with bits of last night’s stew

bits of red yellow and white

     things which can’t be identified


electrons with reluctance flow

     metal with incandescent bright

cast hot beams of unearthly glow

     piercing through the dark of night


anguish rips within the soul

     as the neurons fail within

laughter bright does fade away

     vague dimness now does reign


snow does fall beyond the screen

     on a bright new summer day

somewhat puzzled knowing not

     under standing has faded away


compass pointing somewhat north

     as electrons dance in Van Allen’s belts

moving curtains of flowing a light

     mysteries somehow calling bright


sleep does flee within the night

     as tattered dreams slip away

seeking meanings now not known

     torn visions lost within



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