Morning passes

book 15

golden bright light spears into the night

     shattering the darkness and breaking into blue

pinpoint bright colors fading away

     heralding the dawning of the new day


children’s bright laughter sounds on the lane

     girls and boys chasing and running away

too young yet to be chasing dreams

     seeing just minutes into the day


shop keepers opening draw back the blinds       

     unlocking the treasures for customers to find

seeking the music that fills their hearts

     coins that shingle sounding so bright


fathers and husbands slip out their doors

     unto the cities to travel again

selling their skills and losing their time

     that they might tend to their family’s needs


mothers do straighten and clean their homes

     doing their that never will end

some are singing the joy of their day

     others weary trudging just marking time


days can so quickly brightly fly

     filled with the joy of each passing day

dreams that do sparkle brightly in view

     hopes in the tomorrow that will surely come true


yet in the darkness of rooms that are closed

     soft sounding cries of hopeless dread

breaths that do struggle to bring in life

     lie broken pieces of dreams that do end


bright colored birds passed windows do fly

     singing bright songs of cheerful joy

knowing no needs and seeking not

     simply just living a another day         



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