Guitar dreams

book 15

Bitter night

     seventeen degrees

all is covered

     in frozen white


comforters and blankets

     piled so high

tugged up high

     warmth to seek


Christmas time

     just days away

my night is filled

     with guitar dreams


there was a girl

     in earlier days

when I was young

     in velvet prime


I did sing

     in choirs then

and did croon

     solos sweet


she did dream

     and did long

that just for her

     I’d sing my song


she did seek

     a music store

where she did buy

     a steel guitar


a present then

     she made to me

that I might then

     for her sing


steel wires

     so narrow they

strung so tight

     for tender flesh


six to press

     with fingers five

twisted to shapes

     that hurt my flesh


books of songs

     I did buy

and practiced hard

     so many hours


steel too hard

     and calluses too slow

I Idid sell

     that steel guitar


classic ones

     with nylon strings

my fingers found

     to be easier be


and more hours

     so many long

I did play

     a classic guitar


so long ago

     when I did try

and I did fail

     to play guitar


in dark of night

     at Christmas time

I do dream

     of bass guitars


strings of four

     and a lower pitch

that I could tune

     to a open G


then to barre

     with finger straight

then playing chords

     would simpler be


and the pitch

     much lower then

to match my voice

     deep and low


I do dream

     in dark of night

that I might play

a bass guitar



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