Love forlorn


battlements high of cold gray stone

     softly lit by rays of sun

there she walks while gazing out

     over the slow rolling waves of the sea


practice field does lie within

     covered in grass both soft and green

a worthy knight with sword and shield

     looks longingly up at she


long dark curls to slowly wave

     with the slow shaking of his head

he returns to the practice drills

     endless long hours of training


plain sword and shield of simple steel

     no coat of arms nor emblem there

a simple man of arms is he

     that ne’er of maiden fair would see


her eyes of blue so clear and bright

     the fair features that fill his dreams

the longing passions that burns within

     the ache of the heart that knows no relief


again he turn unto his drill

     longing that it will empty his mind

free him of his love forlorn

     that her love might him embrace


On the morrow he will depart

     Traveling hence to the battle where he must be

perhaps somehow his will heart will forget

     that perhaps that in his return he might free

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