A nights dream

book 13

At days end

     as I sat

tired and alone

     waiting for the night


I saw her walking

     moving towards me

steps of flowing grace

     and a form that caught my eye


full blonde hair

     of curls so tight

that framed her face

     and bright blue eyes


and I wondered

     at her beauty

and why that she

     would come to me


and she reached out

     and took my hand

and pulled me into

     her warm embrace


into the night

     together we did go

mingling in the joys

     that we could find


and through the night

     we did explore

of all the treasures

     that each did hold


in morning’s light

     we did part

and went each are ways

     into the day


and at days end

     I did return

as saw her there

     turned from me


her flowing grace

     her pleasing form

and her gaze

     was not for me


and as I longed

     for her embrace

and another night

     with her to be


without a glance

     and turned from me

she walked away

     leaving me alone


and in aching

     and empty night

wonder did I

     at what had been



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