Frozen castle

book 13

Hope for fulfillment to be lacking there

     seeking for glory rewarding quest

standing at entrance gazing in fear

     companions surrounding vicarious dreams


bright steel weapons set for the quest

     banners of heroes fly in the breeze

speak of their glory to fill with hope

     seizing up weapons and set to the fight


youth filled with vigor engage the task

     quickly wielding bright weapons for glory seek

lacking experience and heartbreak of age

     the elders with wisdom slowly encroach


long cold battle filled with great pain

     fear of failure and others disdain

driving the hopeless to foolish tasks

     seeking great glory extending too far


singularly failing dropping aside

     diminishing ranks for glory strive

slowly tiring but diminishing the foe

     wearily persisting to bitter end


foe is defeated in sickness and fear

     glory of quest has bitter taste

memories remembered will brighter be

     then sickness a battle in bitter end


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