Lightning flashes

book 11

Mighty mountain peaks high

     in dark clouds are cloaked

lights flash within them

     distant rumblings are heard


and I stand in valley low

     in the calm of spring day

gentle light on me softly falls

     a soft kiss of coming warmth


and my curls begin to move

     teasing winds upon them to hug

smell of moisture of what’s to come

     a touch of chill upon my skin


distant clouds on mountain high

     slowly settle coming down

and the breeze more quickly blows

     and the clouds blot out the sun


sharp jagged lightning flashes down

     and the thunder now does roar

rain is seen slashing down

     and is rushing to wards me


goosebumps grow upon my skin

     as the wind more bitter grows

and the moisture now can be felt

     mists the blow upon the wind


racing quickly towards me

     flashing lightning that fills with fear

thunder roars deafening loud

     droplets now against me slam


cloth is dampened growing wet

     pressing coldly against my skin

stealing all the warmth away

     and shivering now I begin to shake


No shelter is there from the storm

     a place of safety where to now flee

sanctuary is not from what comes

     a darkening to the descendents on me


shrieking wind about me blows

     freezing wind tears at me

thunder pounds pressing down

     and all my hope from me flees


and I crouched down to the ground

     seeking safety to be found

from the storm that around me rages

     freezing rain and slashing winds


hopeless darkness shuddering here

     head is bowed and eyes are closed

arms are wrapped tightly clasped

     all hope is lost into my fate


howling wind does lightly fade

     flesh slashed less by the rain

lightning dances farther away

     and wind now above thunder heard


alive somehow and fading storm

     as I grovel on the ground

knowing not how I still live

     escaping somehow the mighty storm


darkness now does grow light

     rain somehow less hard does fall

wind does blow with less chill

     hope within does begin to grow


opening my eyes about to gaze

     seeing the storm now racing away

weak sunlight begins now to fall

a trace of warmth upon the wind


across the valley dark thunderhead

     with lightning flashes moving away

thunder now more distance grows

     and the wind does fade away


slowly now I begin to stand

     gaze about me on the land

and realize somehow I survived

     still dripping cold from the rain


hair in damp ringlets now

     wet clothing upon me hangs

and my shivers begin to fade

     as soft sunlight upon me falls











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