Midwest girl

book 11

In the Bible I have pressed

     a photograph of her

and on its back the words she wrote

     said she'd always remember me


on a Greyhound bus I rode

     down roads that endless seemed

through a countryside that never changed

     and every small town there could be


every town had a school

     or it had a church

where we would stop for the night

     and another show to do


endless crowds of people full

     the halls were always full

for there was nothing else to do

     on aMidwest small-town night


on the stage I would sing

     song so carefully learned

trying hard passion to show

     so my words weren't empty things


after the show the people would

     always want to meet me

tell me how much they enjoyed the show

     and how they'd remember me


and in a town there was a girl

     who in the crowd I did see

and her eyes did see me

     and I knew together we be


we did meet and we did talk

     and went out together to eat

a small town diner where we ate

     I don't remember what


and that night I went to her house

     and the night there did spend

and in the morning she did give

     her photograph to me


and the bus it did wait

     my bags to be loaded in

and to say goodbye to her

     and onto the bus climb


out the window I saw her wave

     as the bus pulled away

and we drove down the road

     and I left her behind


so many years has it been

     so many shows I've done

so many people have I met

     and too many have left behind


looking at her photograph

     and wondering if still she

does remember that we met

     and once together were




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