book 11

There was a day when I was a man

     going in the world doing manly things

I realized my fingers just wouldn't do

     in this world doing manly things


I did look so long and hard

     at displays in many stores

and read reviews and magazines

     looking for what would be just the thing


got the money so very much

     for so little it did seem

for something that in my pocket would fit

     go on my belt within a sheath


my first pair was shiny bright

     would deploy with just a flick

opened up all the tools to show

     have be unfolded do the task


there were knifes and there were saws

     screwdrivers to turn and scissors to cut

and I did very quickly learn

     they did not lock and they would fold


but I really did like that brand

     and I thought it was almost the thing

so I did get money even more

     a got another not quite the same


still was shiny bright stainless steel

     but black locks did it have

the sharp knifes still hold in place

     so they did not on fingers fold


I did use it for many years

     and I did learn so many things

the screwdrivers were quite small

     and the scissors quite a joke


I did learn that I did need

     some multi-plier that more serious were

with many tools I could really use

     and so I began to search again


another pair I did find

     that were quite black not shiny at all

had many things that I did like

     and other things that I did not


there were gadgets I'd never seen

     a couldn't figure out what were their thing

I did try to use them all

     some of them I could not


of screwdrivers I had a need

     and of pliers mighty and strong

scissors with a longer snip

     and no use at all for saws


I have learned of open frames

     grips that hurt when squeezing hard

and of files much too coarse

     have not yet found the perfect thing


but there are so ever many brands

     some are shiny and some are black

and more tools than I can count

     designed to do most everything


I do think I'll never find

     the perfect pair just for me

with all the tools that I might use

     and none of all those other things








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