The contest

book 11

The envelope is sealed with tape and hope

     and addressed so very carefully

that it may carry the hopes and dreams

     to where they will be judged


and in the box it is dropped and cannot be recalled

     like a cliff that is leapt off

perhaps to take wings and fly

     or perhaps to simply fall


long ago a dance began

     of words within the mind

forming patterns of shapes and sounds

     that simply must be wrote down


with passing days and passing years

     so many pages would be filled

with hopes and dreams laced with fears

     in words that were some how not owned


in dark night dreams with images bright

     bringing wonder in morning’s light

seeking somehow with words to write

     the things that were unknown


till the day with trembling fear

     of the judgments that might be

showing the words on paper wrought

     to others that they might read


would they then find the hopes and dreams

     and with a with wonder be filled

or simply find quite nothing there

     and simply cast them aside


now filled with dread to simply sit

     pen held above paper blank

seeking the words somehow to write

     what others will want to read


knowing not what people seek

     or what they will enjoy

wondering if it is all for naught

     simply a waste of time


still the words begin to dance

     and patterns not quite understood

calling that they might be wrote down

     upon the paper so white

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