Soft morning light

book 11

I walk in the morning

     on dim lit mountain trail

Sun softly is rising

     its light before me gleams


my footsteps sounds so softly

     in the forest glen

on the soft green grasses

     moist with morning dew


bushes line my passage

     webs upon them catch

all the many dew drops

     like countless diamonds gleam


in the morning breezes

     high above my head

the leaves are softly stirring

     morning light so softly gleams


soft grows a gentle murmur

     of creatures all about

in their morning stirrings

     in the beginning of their day


birds are softly singing

     bees do quickly hum

tiny feet do rustle

     through the forest green


slowly grow the shadows

     in the brightening light

making pools of darkness

     in which mysteries may lie


wandering on the twisting path

     among the towering trees

as the life about me sings

     bright songs of the new day




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