Seeking words


In the dark cold of night

     from which all the light has fled

knowing not what may need to be

     to pierce the heart and make it bleed


words that may pierce within

     cutting sharper than metal blade

leaving wounds that will never heal

     hardening scars that will not fade


life before to be as dreams

     losing sharpness as they recede

like dust gathering on a painting then

     hiding all to be not seen


bright red splashes on creamy white

     flowing pain burning hot

of the colors one would not see

     to shine brightly in the light


hard sharp edges of day to day

     straight lines of rules that guide

decisions that need never be made

     thought not needed and done away


hard and fast and piercing through

     piercing thoughts that cannot be

beating rhythms that are not heard

     pounding deep inside of me


seeking change of all that is

     breaking forth in light of day

standing forth for all to see

     shouting the words that cannot be

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I like... especially "flowing

I like... especially "flowing pain burning hot".