Morning musing


I remember that day

     a early spring day

cold snow melted away

     and grass turning green


long cold winter gone

     days of shivering cold

dormant brown grass lay not

     beneath crystal blanket cold


spring task was before

     needing to be done

in cool early morn

     before warmth of the sun


warm house cozy was

     wanting there only to stay

not to venture into the new day

     and the task leave undone


my tools lay at hand

     bright hard stainless steel

soft fragile fingers to replace

     that the work might be done


untie rope knotted tight

     loosening its length

that the tarp I might free

     set it wrinkled to the side


my tractor lie beneath

     painted red and black steel

cracking vinyl seat

     steering wheel crooked still


press down the brake hard

     release the handbrake

shift into neutral

     and push it into the yard


dry grasses lie in clumps

     through cold winter bitter cold

softening the curves of hard steel

     still lying there beneath


lying down upon the grass

     poking sharply into my flesh

gazing into belts and gears

     finding pins to undo


set them on the footboard

     so they will not be lost

bright steel on worn footpad

     glittering in morning sun


rising from the grass

     going into dark garage

where the mower deck does lie

     under webs that spiders spun


seeking grips that are safe

     not edges of sharp steel

with straining muscles lift

     and stagger into the light


Sun the cool was

     shining softly a moment ago

too hotly now beats down

     on my stumbling steps


to red tractor now return

     and carefully lowered the deck

and push it underneath

     and most carefully it align


swinging levers to attach

     and set with shining pins

drag bar to attach

     and cables set in place


loops of metal with oil slick

     most carefully must undo

that belts of rubber frayed

     on pulleys then be placed


sun does hotly pierce

     my flesh as task is done

and grass hives have made

     itching fiercely on my flesh


opening the hinged hood

     the oil level to check

the gas tank to be filled

     and the stopcock to undo


my pants of denim blue

     within the pocket deep

lies the shining key

     that the power will be free


hands now soiled with black grease

     the choke now engages

the lock now is undone

     and captive lightning is set free


crankingand grass coughing sounds

     engaging into a roar

white smoke briefly does blow

     as the engine settles down


carefully the lever I set

     to the proper speed

shift it into the right gear

     and the brake release


lurching it forward goes

     and I steer it into place

long winter grass to mow

     that green it might now become


grabbing the lever long

     the deck height to be set

the power takeoff to engage

     sharp blades spinning cut


the tractor now does shake

     and with roaring forward goes

cutting down the tender life

     on a warm spring day




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