Long road


Softly moans the blowing wind

     crossing over bright glittering crystals

endless darkness lies black beneath

     swirling dancing blowing white


soft as feathers downy white

     soft drifts flowing softly slow

sliding smoothly across the way

     closing off the un-traveled way


twisting ribbon flowing down

     hard glittering crystals softening slow

cold bright light striking so hard

     reflecting rainbows of glittering light


dark shadows like fingers lie

     grasping the cold and holding so tight

piercing light between them break

     hard darkness absorbing the heat


soft drops of moisture falling down

     on icy falling with ringing sound

tinkling bells sounding in the air

     trickles flowing babbling down


dancing mists rise in the air

     from hard black surface growing hot

waves of heat begin to flow

     as all whiteness fades away


running down quickly in twisting curves

     as babbling water flowing beside

through canyon walls that would not yield

     hardness that nature could not shape


breaking forth into the light

     flowing free from granite walls

leaving dark shadows of the trees that grasped

     flowing hotly into blinding light


cutting straight through rippling hills

     as white water roars beside

hard blackness oven hot

     icy wetness splashing high


pathway straight arrows across smoothing land

     as roaring water sound slowly fades

glittering mists of droplets cease

     growing warmer in soothing heat


along the way flowers bloom

     whites and yellows and even blues

red strawberries grow and ripe

     in endless carpets along the way


tall green grasses in the wind does wave

     chirping birds do songs sing

bees do hum as they fly about

     the soft rustling of the wind passing by


blooming heat to mirages form

     pools of water along the way

only from the distance seen

     disappearing when growing near


ribbon of blackness narrows away

     fading into the horizon scene

hopelessly endlessly far away

     in the heat of the burning sun


endless steps before me lie

     in the journey I would not take

broken hardness lies behind

     blossoming hope I move towards


cold snow locked passes lie behind

     frozen hardness of broken hearts

slowly thawing in morning's light

     growing warmer in heat of day


footsteps taken on blackness hard

     with soft hope flowing beside

unseen visions before one lies

     beyond the horizon dimly seen


piercing light shines within

     warming frozen hardness of broken heart

freeing the hope that flows within

     to continue onward in the light

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