Rainy morning


gentle does the rainfall

     in the cold dark night

but it can never wash away

     the things the darkness hides


her bright laughter as we played

     on warm summer days

in bright sunshine in the parks

     and on forests shaded trails


on bicycles with bright chrome

     riding together down country roads

fields of grain waving in the breeze

     as we passed on our way


of bright hope of children born

     and of their glad cries

of all the things that they would learn

     and all that they would be


of bright hopes and joyful plans

     formed in the dark of night

of all the dreams that we had

     for the bright coming days


time does ever slip away

     although we never do see

the things that we too often lose

     as it passes away


many dreams and hopes I had

     of all that I would do

in the bright in coming days

     now lost in the falling rain


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