Landing lights


high up in the cold black night sky

     sharp white light spears through the sky

racing towards us coming down

     a quiet rushing of whispering sound


black rubber on hard asphalt rolls

     with the soft rumble as it goes

lights are darkened not to be seen

     stopping here within the night


with the growing roar it descends

     growing closer with frightening speed

with piercing scream touching ground

     quickly racing out sight


eyes not watching turned within

     seeking in darkness things not to be seen

fevered need burning within

     restrained within a boundary thin


tentative movements softly done

     moving towards what should not be

growing passions to restrain

     kept within a line so thin


rising up straddling what cannot be

     trying to on both sides be

moving together growing hot

     softly moaning seeking what it's not


growing pain tears within

     seeking control over what now is

moving away with sobbing cry

     clean the passions the burn inside


bright shiny lights show the way

     for roaring noise and piercing lights

descending from darkness downward to

     safety found in what may be


soft rumble's grow and light pierce

     flowing moving into the night

away from here of what almost was

     into the night seeking what must be



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