All hollows eve


Sitting in the parking lot

     in my truck just wondering

wondering what this day I’ll see

     my coworkers and what they’ll be


many today do costumes wear

     reflecting what they may not be

hidden desires running free

     given liberty on this day


a police woman do I see

     as skin tight uniform of bright blue

with the skirt so very short

     bright brass buttons call to me


around the corner in the breakroom

     wonder woman do I see

with assets so exposed

     heart attacks in older men


Minnie mouse does scurry by

     big black ears and tail so thin

rushing by down the hall

     very quickly lost from sight


a vampire too soon appear

     Cape of black but bright red hair

flowing sleeves with fancy cuffs

     going to the microwaves


skeleton of glowing green

     bones that rattle so fiercely

sitting down food to eat

     and I wonder what I will see


candy flows everywhere

     chocolate coated everything

endless calories without need

     with fond abandoned are consumed


as I sit with pen and write

     my Muse is flittering somewhere nearby

ideas thrown upon the breeze

     and I wonder what to write



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