Tower locked

Cries in the night

Bones of steel hard and cold

     torn with fire from rocks so hard

fiery liquid hot burning bright

     forced to serve the thoughts of man


Mountain highs sundered apart

     their cold hard bones cut from within

shaped to be unyielding skin

     to trap within and hold tight


cold flesh of land in fire placed

     burnt with flame till colors flee

cast in forms that cannot hold

     piercing beams of morning light


locked away trapped within

     high above the distant land

gazing down so far below

     held from where one would be


Windows bright hard and cold

     placed where light will never be

morning sun does not shine

     setting sun this place can’t find


cold shadows here occupy

     where warming light cannot be

steals the warmth from those trapped within

     and the hope they cannot find


hot tears they cry that fall and cool

     anguished wails that ears don’t hear

trapped within and held a way

     From all that they would be


knights within their armor fight

     beneath colored banners in the breeze

magic trapped within the weapons held

     wielded with skill hard earned


battles long they did fight

     within the tower and mornings light

and into cold dark of night

     endless the battle that they fight


the foe insidious will not yield

     seeking ever against their might

attacks from shadows everywhere

     cast by the falling of the light


hopeless cries in the night

     within the tower high and cold

bones of steel and flesh of stone

     and windows that never see the light






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