Numbers are

Cries in the night

One is pale blue

     soft and smooth

it is cool to touch

     but not quite cold


deeper blue is two

     a bit of yellow

not quite as smooth

     not quite as cool


three yellow becomes

     with a little blue

with a texture you can feel

     and cool no longer is


four is green

     with little yellow there

growing warm to the touch

     a welcome feeling now


Green is five

     full of life

comforting near

     safe it feels


six still green

     a touch of red

rich and full

     warmer still


seven a deeper red

     just to touch a green

growing darker to be seen

     growing warmer still


eight muddy is

     rich and dark

colored not at all

     becoming something else


nine is not

     fully red

a touch of green still

     beginning to be hot


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