White linen

Cries in the night

Hot summer sun in clear blue sky

     golden light pounds down on pavement black

searing heat reflects on walls near

     boiling hot the wet summer air


shingles of white reflect to sky

     captures the heat that lies beneath

wire screened windows were no wind blows

     moist searing heat in stillness lays


cold clear water now called forth

     shocking contrast within the heat

freely flows running down

     too quickly lost into the ground


weaving mesh of shocking white

     clinging tightly on moist curves

trapping holding moisture there

     growing warm within the air


quickly dancing within the flow

     chilling frigid unbearable cold

washing the heat quickly away

     coldness clinging within the weave


cold white linen clinging tight

     to quickly warming within the heat

briefly cooling what lies within

     giving form to what responds


searing heat wrapped in cold

     shocking message boldly told

slowly fading diminished away

     moisture hot lost in summer air

suburban walls lock away

     burning heat on a summer day

frigid cold of waters clear

     cannot long the heat contain












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