Black safety

Cries in the night

Fear eats within my soul

     unknown moments where failure is

agony collapses giving away

     falling swiftly downward stopping hard


black iron lines angles down

     parallels joined in molten bonds

repeating rolls identical bars

     anchors are driven securing strong


jagged sharp edges down to doom

     to bite hard into yielding flesh

fear of slipping stumbling falls

     pounding apart in trembling flesh


seizing gripping clinging strong

     carefully edging descending down

memories of failure weaken resolve

     need to forces onward going down


straight lines bend in weakening curves

     strength is yielding giving away

fear is rebounding eating away

     resolve is weakening yielding to fear


careful slow movement continues down

     nearing an end carefully sought

freeing from dread at journeys end

     escaping too briefly at dangers end



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