Cries in the night

Hard black line lying flat

     straight razor edge of day and night

hard bright points of colored light

     reds and blues and burning white


golden beams spear into darkness bright

     washing away points of light

darkness transforming to deepening blue

     softening black shadows into green


fluffy rounded trees spring into view

     chilling air against us moves

bright songs of birds fill the breeze

     soft rustling of leaves in counter point


softening blue arcs high overhead

     disc of gold begins to form

it’s growing arc blinds the eye

     with piercing beams spears the mind


greens and blues and burning yellow

     fervent soft green arcs on lines of brown

line divides blue from green

     were once marked night from day


fools lying on soft green grass

     eyesight lost within the night

watching castles fly away

     seeing things that never were


words do dance in scattered thoughts

     words to stories undefined

meaning sought that is not there

     madness sought in morning light

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