Nirvana; A pure paradise

It's a sweet escape




It gets me lost in my own high as I glide into temporary paradise




Power is such forbidden aphrodisiac when it pumps through the veins and the more you intake; the more less reality seems fake




As my adrenaline starts to race



Il mio unico desiderio è di amarti











It is a sea of faces which swims in the ocean current of my dreams




All images of him - the man I loved and lost long ago




A veil of wisdom slowly unravels as my mind processes all of his charm drifts into marvel of how we first fell into love




All starting from a one night stand




He adored my seductive curves, as they dance in my time, rhythmic, erotica, and grace




How we made love as we entered our own paradise time after time




How I wish he could caress my body once more before laying his head on my thighs




We are alone together in a comfortable stillness often known only to lovers




We connected spiritually in tune to each other - link rarely shared especially from one night alone




For now, let us enjoy this periodic peace




As we feast on each other's carnal desires




Are we destined to be soulmates?




Only time shall tell




Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Italian - Il mio unico desiderio è di amarti translates to English as my only wish is to love you)


This is actually about a recovering addict who relapses back in using because it helps them (temporarily) relieve of a ex lover who tragically died (the user uses drugs to help cope and deal with their lover's untimely death)

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