I cannot live with what I have done to you
Even now, you are water while I roast and burn!

While asleep, even my dreams are not of you!



Her lips are crimson, her skin fair and smooth, her voice melodious and tempting


The Siren who visits me when I'm in the realm of Somnus


I pour all my tenderness into each kiss and touch, and though I kiss you longer and hold you tighter, it's an alien feeling


As if I am a ghost



It is her I see everywhere I go


It is her I only think about


It is her I only feel to love



However, she has long since passed this Earthly realm and though I'm committed to you and our children, she always haunts my heart


In my mind's eye, she is still here with me - alive


We have a life together - a family


Our children are happy and healthy



You found me at my lowest


At a time when I thought that I could never enjoy happiness - or life - ever again


And though we share a life together - a family complete with children


I will always be stuck in the past; it is where my heart truly lies and where my good memories are stored


If this is hell, I don't want to know what heaven is!

La mia penitenza deve essere per sempre amarti!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The truth is rarely pure and simple - Oscar Wilde


The tragedy of losing a first love and having to move on with your life

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