Both were suffering deeply; the agonizing lost of their child

 A child who had not yet lived to see the dawn of day and died quietly in its sleep

The gut-wrenching sorrow like darkness shrouded around her heart squeezing in a vice like grip

The haunting banshee wail rising from its tip; the outpour of rage buried from within broken glass, shredded walls, torn up furniture, screams and shouts, blood flying, chaos and torture streamed out yet, on the outside they always made sure to construct the mask so that no cracks or chips may reveal the dark and tragic ghostly past


 The eyes gleamed of happiness and mirth but stare too long a bystander might recognize the zombie in its place


 A dead soul still trapped and forced to live on in life

 A heart still beating even though dead inside wanting to die yet living each day is a fate worse off than death


 Call it a good marriage; looking out from within it's an entirely different story

 a hell on earth though no one would ever know of the tragic story of the two lovers whose lives were torn apart


 They say something snapped within them one day

 The dam just overloaded and burst

 The wife found her husband hanging from a noose

 A note left on the floor

 The wife took her own life with poison and a knife

 A few words added to the faded message for the world to know


No one even knew they were gone; they seemingly vanished from view until one brave soul dared to enter the home

and was shocked at the macabre scene; two dead decomposing skeletons hands intertwined each in an eternal embrace

The fine hand script on the worn out paper faded but still clear

reminiscent of Edgar Poe's echoing haunting lament;


 "Nevermore, Nevermore"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dark side of marriage

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