A single touch vibrates through me leaving warmth in its wake


A blissful alien feeling quite unexplained


Pleasure crescends to the higher climax - reaching the heights of new pleasures undiscovered and savored, energy waves pull me under


I drown in its welcoming healing heat and while you sweetly serenade my body to a musical frenzy out of heat and sweat


Holding on tight and covers grasped, flushed bodies in wake getting closer to the final task in glorious fervor


Eyes consume, hypnotize, and undress as whispers of sweet nothings and gentle caress flood all rational thoughts aside


This is a special moment especially for a virgin maiden as senses is heightened in the form of touch and many o' kiss


It's oxygen and live giving unknown energy makes my heart beat faster synchronized with superhuman senses


All burst with pleasure simply through delicate ministrations only a professional experienced lover can give


(if a virgin is deflowered by an equally virgin partner; it is awkward for a first time)


To feel such newfound pleasure without a touch makes it somehow more better when you're not here


Memory plays an intricate large role as I feel sensations vividly especially when you're gone away

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A virgin's first time

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