Nous allons créer notre propre paradis



You drink in my kisses devouring me with your love

French kisses in the deepest places, pressing deeply into flesh, moist and trembling, lost in heaven


Twisting and turning my body into every direction, hungry for more of my quivering slick heat


I am submissive to all this pleasure - wanting and needing all given

I am silk against your body, growing moist beneath your fingers, sinking hands into the wet fresh Earth

You leave nothing uncharted, crossing and retreating into the deeper parts of my being


Heat ignites in time with rhythm, our bodies making music only naturally following a secret beat


We become nature undulating water, your hands digging into my Venus, pulling me towards the voracious heat - thrusting deeper


In the most blinding white heat ever known, our bodies meshed together going towards the unknown abyss, then  f






                                       l, exhausted, in unbearable pleasure




 We have surrendered to death only to resurrect and live again



 Si c’est comment il est, je le veux pour toujours


Author's Notes/Comments: 


French - Si c’est comment il est, je le veux pour toujours translates to English as If this is how it is, I want it forever


French - Nous allons créer notre propre paradis translates to English to We will create our own paradise


French - Goût et le toucher translates to English as Taste and Touch


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