Will Beyond Temptation

The blighted path to a compulsive temptation almost seems impossible to escape,
I maintain absolute focus and restraint in the midst of its reassuring whispers
I embrace stillness as the strengthening surge of its ultimate potency refines my shape,
sensing a remotely significant abundance of composure, of which my scarred psyching cannot hinder

I dwell deeper into the realm of sanity and calm, where thoughts are straightened and discordance fades,
I witness a power and control over the streaming of aberrated formulation into the conscience's forttress
I harness a grip to the fabric of perception, and embrace a light which dissolves the ignorant shade,
and at last, levitate to meaning and purpose from which pitiful sorrow and haunting doubts be conquered by bliss

The climax of my desire was for the first time overlooked with the power of pure will,
one which accumulates all bravery ever wielded since birth's occurrence
Clarifying the lies which promote the monstrosity of evil's trill,
and offers a sight pleasing as it encompasses all matters with infinite magnificence

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hope u can relate to this somehow :p

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