136 Types Of Republican Vote Fraud, Election Theft



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136 GOP Categories Of Vote Fraud Which Stole Presidential, Gubernatorial, Senate, House, State Legislature, Mayor and Judicial Races

latest addition  Oct 2020

Because of these election crimes, the Iraq and Afghan wars were begun. Money has been stolen from the poor and given to the rich by their politician pawns. Our environment would have been better protected by Gore whom the people elected. The party of the rich, the

Republican one, has always been a minority party and therefore has been involved in voter suppression and election thefts.

Gerrymandering, phone line jamming, throwing away nonRepublican voter registrations, murder, throwing away ballots, barring nonRepublicans from vote counting, exclusion of third parties from ballots, exclusion of third parties from debates, police intimidation, phony election instructions, racism, removal from voting rolls, absentee ballot fraud, draconian voter ID rules, voting precincts which fail to open, electronic voting machine fraud, Supreme Court fraud, hacked computer sites, erased flash drives, corrupt polling, ownership of voting machine companies, libelous lies, switching precinct addresses, failure to notify voters of address changes, fraudulent search engine algorithms etc. Supportive links occur at end of article.

Removal of voters from rolls:

1a. Jon Husted GOP Ohio Secy of State removed 2 million nonRepublicans from voter rolls prior to the 2016 election, giving OH to Trump. Some registrations were eliminated because of a missing zip code.

1b. Jeb Bush and K Harris in Florida removed hundreds of thousands of voters from rolls in 2000 and 2004 giving election to G W Bush twice.

1c. Governor Scott Walker, Republican of Wisconsin, removed 300,000 registered voters, a crime which helped in Trump's fraudulent win.

1d The NAACP has sued the Senator Burr-connected GOP establishment in North Carolina for removing blacks from the voting rolls

2. Gerrymandering by Republicans in many states has stolen Democratic vote power. Karl Rove has been 1 architect of this.

3. NH Republicans jammed handicapped Dems' ride request lines. Some were jailed.

4. Nathan Sproul was employed by the Republican presidential campaigns in 2016, 2012, in 2008, by Karl Rove, and by state Republican parties in Virginia, Minnesota, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, MInnesota. In at least 8 states he ran phony voter registration drives

throwing away all nonRepublicans' registrations. Republicans have gone to jail in NH for jamming handicap access pollride phone lines and in Sproul's drive for throwing thousands of ballots in dumpsters in Virginia.

5. In Ohio Kenyon College students were kept waiting til 4 am. In Akron's N Hill, a Democrat city, people left in rain for 1/ hour.

Delaying poll openings or shutting them entirely is a Republican tactic.

6. Around the state of Ohio in 2000 available computer numbers were reduced.

7. Republicans in many states have shut down precincts requiring, e.g., African Americans to drive or bus 2 hours.

8. Republicans in many states have frequently moved precincts.

Republicans have over and over in many states opposed same day registration, automatic registration when getting a driver's license,

expanded voting hours, automatic and universal voter registration etc.

9. In Ohio and elsewhere some voters have not been notified of the move.

10. The Jacksonville Times Union in cooperation with Jeb Bush ran a special newspaper edition in African American areas instructing

voters to vote every page of the ballot. 20,000 black votes were invalidated.

11. Jeff Sessions' Alabama to stop issuing driver’s licenses in counties with 75% black registered voters In many states,

racism: blacks, Latinos barred from the ballot by literacy tests, poll taxes, and in the modern era other ways

12. Military control of nonofficer soldier ballots

13. Diebold's CEO O'Dell, at that time marketer of easily hackable voting machines, at a Republican fundraiser at Ohio's Fairlawn Hilton, said his company would do all it could to insure a GOP victory. He quit but hackable Diebold machines are still in several

Ohio counties and other places.

14. John Thune's thugs physically intimidated Native American voters, wrote down their license numbers, and achieved South Dakota senator status. Jeb Bush sent police to intimidate in predominantly Latino and black districts in 2000. Republicans intimidated black voters of Watts in CA presidential primary 1968

15. Republicans oppose same day registration

16. Republicans oppose universal registration.

17. Republicans oppose automatic registration when at a driver's license bureau.

18. Republicans oppose expansion of voting hours and days and have truncated voter hours in many instances. They have opposed paper


19. 5 Republicans on the US Supreme Court voted to classify money as speech. Money apparently does talk. This opened the way

for the Koch Brothers and others to spend hundreds of billions on Republicans.

20. Mysterious plane crashes in fall senate election campaigns ended the lives of Democrats Jerry Litton in Missouri in 1976, Gov Mel Carnahan of Missouri in 2002, Paul Wellstone of Minnesota in 2002 right after he publicly opposed US wars and in Iowa of Libertarian physician Dr Doug Butzier, whose 5% of the vote would otherwise have defeated Koch Brothers funded Joni Ernst.

After the perhaps murder of Paul Wellstone, former vice president Democrat Walter Mondalel also a peace Democrat, was double digits ahead in the polls, but because of monumental fraud Republican Norm Coleman mysteriously won the senate election.

John F kennedy Jr died in a plane crash. His pilot had been told the day before not to show up. Senator Edward M Kennedy was subjected to attempted murder in a plane crash (after the murder of his 2 brothers). He broke his back but survived though 2 men in his campaign staff died. Another who survived a murder attempt was George Wallace, candidate of the American Independent Party in 1968, whose shooting prevented his third party run and helped Republican Nixon beat Democrat Hubert Humphrey. In 1968 the Nixon-Kissinger-Rockefeller-Hoover conspiracy was involved in the murder of Robert F Kennedy Jr, Martin Luther King (who would have promoted Kennedy's election) and the attempted murder of George Wallace. John Perkins who was once an economic hitman for the government courageously documented the number of leaders of other countries killed in the CIA's arranged plane crashes.*

Ron Brown, US Secretary of Commerce, Democrat, had a bullet in his head when his body was discovered in the crashed plane. see rense link

21. War profiteer network media have often excluded Libertarians, Socialists, Greens etc from debates.

22. In Ohio for a number of years before a successful lawsuit, third party candidates had to achieve 400,000 signatures to be

on the ballot.

23. Through racist fearmongering ads, G W Bush in 1988 stole the election from Michael Dukakis. Bush's campaign manager asked
forgiveness before his death from a brain tumor.

24. The electoral college has installed 5 conservative presidents though their opponents got more votes. These were wJohn Quincy Adams, Rutherford Hayes, Grover Cleveland, George W Bush, and Donald Trump.

25. The 6 states with the most population have 130 million citizens. Those 6 with the least population have 5.5 million citizens. Yet those 6 states, not even 5% of the population of the 6 biggest, have the same number of Senate votes. California with 39,000,000 people has 2 senators, as does Wyoming with 586,000. Wyoning senators have 66.66 times as much power in the Senate per person as California senators. This inequity allows cattlemen in Western states to have much greater power than their numbers.

26. . After 125 years, citizens of the US were finally able to elect directly to the Senate. Yet after 227 years, we citizens may still not vote for the Supreme Court, whose 9 people can overturn the will of 330 to 360 million Americans. People sit on the Supreme Court who were nominated by unelected presidents (e.g. G W Bush).. It is time for direct election of the Supreme Court, and limited terms rather than serving for life. Terms could be 9 or 18 years, with 1 justice elected every 1 or 2 years. The minority Republican Party members of the Supreme Court have allowed plutocracy money to flood the elections in the Citizens United case.

27. In what other alleged democracy do members of the party of the rich own many of the voting machines? Romney's son purchased

a voting machine company in Hamilton County (Cincinnati Ohio). Diebold was owned by Republicans (They've now sold the voting

machines) A Canadian plutocracy company controlled the voting machines in Wisconsin

28. Talk radio in the US is 90% Republican controlled. Romney bought Clear Channel, now IHart Radio. ABC secretly installed Rush

Limbaugh and disguised their role renaming his network. Rupert Murdoch violated FCC rules limiting one owner to 33% of the airwaves. Murdoch went to 39%, an unconstitutional violation of free speech and control of the public's airwaves

29. In what other alleged democracy do the rich warmonger owners of corporate media profiteer from election ads?

30.Ballot box theft

31.Absentee ballot forgeries

32. Unpostmarked absentee ballots (In Ohio the 2 counties (Cuyahoga and Summit) which had the highest percent of unpostmarked ballots delivered are predominantly Democrat). A number of absentee ballots are fraudulently filled out and delivered to the election counters in boxes.

33. Computer hacking by switching yes to no as Diebold machines and Secretary of State in Ohio Republican Husted's operation did on a pot legalization vote in Ohio.

34. NonRepublicans have been barred from vote counting in Warren Ohio in 2000 and elsewhere.

35. Voting the dead (as Nathan Sproul did in Florida and elsewhere for his Republican paymasters McCain, Romney, Rove and others)

36. Hacking the totals (Bev Harris of Black Box Voting showed Al Gore how Diebold machines could be hacked in 3 minutes' time

37. The 5 Republicans on the unelected "Supreme" Court unplugged the 1965 Voting Rights Act enabling once again the racist

election patterns of TX, AL, AR, FL, GA, SC, NC, LA, MS etc.

38. Denial of prisoners' right to vote and under the guise of removing felon names, removing many others.

39. Coupled with Trump, Kobach, Bannon try at datamining all state records to be stored on White House computers and supervised by a member of Pence staff is Jeff Sessions' DOJ ltr implying voters (nonGOP) be purged Rachel Maddow report

40. Lies and libels about candidates as the John Thne campaign did re Tom Daschle in South Dakota and as the Ohio GOP Party did re Democrat Ed Fitzgerald

41. Invasion of privacy as did Republicans with the help of the Miami Herald destroyed Senator Eagleton's candidacy for the vice presidency, revealing he had been hospitalized for depression.

42. Because Bill Clinton did not want to invade Iraq, Republicans and other warmongers sent in spy Monica Lewinsky with the help of Linda Tripp of Delta Force and Lucianne Goldberg of Regnery as coaches for their connived seduction and impeachment plans.

43. Search engine fraud: Google designed fraudulent algorithms countless times. In 2004, they caused 14 negative Kerry sites to pop up for every 1 positive one.

44. After billionaire Sam Fox funded sites attacking John Kerry, he was awarded by Bush with an ambassadorship to Belgium while Philip Anschutz, dovehunting billionaire, helped fellow dovehunter Neil Gorsuch

45. Draconian voter ID requirements penalizing the poor who must in some cases travel hundreds of miles for birth certificates etc

46. The US Senate, an anachronism which gives 64 times as much power to a citizen of Wyoming with 584,000 as a citizen of California with 37,253,000 people.

47. As in defining money as speech and unplugging the Voting Rights Act, the Supreme Court through 5 unelected Republicans ended the

Florida recount in 2000

48. Treason e,g, G H W Bush and James Woolsey as private citizens in March of 1980 negotiated with the Iranian government to continue to hold US hostages until the election. They also used their petroplutocracy contacts to dry up gas and direct the anger toward Carter and through Oliver North sabotaged the hostage rescue helicopters.

49. Allowing the recipients of stolen elections to remain in office, as has happened in the 2015 election for Kentucky governor, both elections of G W Bush, Donald Trump and tens of thousands of other examples.

50. Spamming opposition party websites with pornography or commercial spam

51. Sending those trained in provocateur behavior to disrupt internet forums, public meetings

52. Campaign infiltrators who take charge of fundraising, financial records, media ads etc.

53. Hacking third party sites such as Cleveland Indymedia off of the internet

54. Changing the rules mid campaign, e.g. Democratic voters who showed up in Jeb Bush's election of 2000 were told they needed 2 forms of photo ID

55 Whole counties of votes in New Hampshire were thrown away by Republicans in NH desperate to defeat Ron Paul

"Party leaders at the county and state level have changed or violated party rules, cancelled caucuses, changed vote counts, thrown out entire counties of votes, counted public votes privately, called-in the SWAT team, and inexplicably replaced Paul delegates with Romney delegates to block Ron Paul from winning the nomination." Quote from Jaret Glenn wordpress site

56 Romney operatives erased whole flash drives and destroyed computers of Democrat, Green, Libertarians etc. AT&T computer protection was nil.

57 Phony pollsters Many polls such as Rasmussen, Gallup, are propaganda machines owned by Republicans.... with fraudulent numbers reported, fraudulent samples, biased questions. Gallup reported in 1948 in the week of the election that Truman was 20 points behind Dewey.

58 Unfair time allocations to candidates, e.g. WKSU 'public' radio, controlling 1/4 of Ohio's county NPR stations, gave much more

time to Rob Portman than to Governor Ted Strickland. The Koch brothers spent more than 50 million dollars buying the Ohio Senate race.

59. Candidate lies to the electorate. In Alabama, Richard Shelby ran as a Democrat in order to be elected and then switched to the Republican Party. In Colorado, Democrat Ben Nighthorse Campbell switched to the Republican Party after elected. In 2015 and 2016 Trump portrayed himself as the peace candidate. After his fraudulent installation in the White House in the first few months he spent

nearly a billion dollars bombing Yemen, sending 59 missiles into Syria, largest ever nonnuclear MOAB bomb onto Afghanistan people, animals and trees, and further violence in Iraq.

60. An attempted coup against Franklin Roosevelt in 1933 by the DuPonts and Morgans

61. Elections should be decided by congressional district numbers, and not by winner takes the whole state.

62. Republican Ronald Reagan ended the fairness provision of the FCC which required equal time to candidates. He was the candidate of GE and made them one of the top 10 arms merchants when he tripled military spending.

64. Forged and phony signatures such asNewt Gingrich campaign workers having forged 4000 signatures

65. An Israeli defense firm, Elron Electronics, did the 'official' count of the 2008 Iowa caucus precincts, something which could have been done with a cheap adding machine. (rense dot com)

66. The 3 first presidential primaries have been in conservative New Hampshire, pig butchering Iowa, and South Carolina which in the past has had one of the most racist histories in the nation.

67. In Republican counties in Ohio, the number of Republican registrations exceeded the population, resulting in a lawsuit.

68. Microsoft actively prevented Free/Open Source/transparent software from being used for elections (open source voting was almost single-handedly derailed by Microsoft wrote the website techrights dot org.

69. Campaigns of false news e,g, several Trump operatives churned out stories, one of which was that socialist pacifist Pope Francis had endorsed Donald Trump

70. Ballot design a. Tennessee has had a deceptively designed primary ballot which invites people to check names of delegates in different blocks, and then disqualifies any who have voted for more than 1 block. b. The infamous butterfly ballot in Florida gave many of Gore's votes to Pat Buchanan c. Republicans often put their favorites in place 1, knowing that 10% of voters vote for 1st name on ballot.

71. CNN reported on the eve of the Iowa caucuses in 2016 that Ben Carson had left the state, falsely implying that Carson was dropping out of the presidential race.

72. Super Tuesday comes with SEVEN of the 13 states being Southern racist. They are Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

73. Winner take all primaries are inherently undemocratic and have been promoted by GOP parties in Florida, Ohio.

74. Republican owned 'polls' don't include third party candidates in their questioning, for instance Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson who tripled his numbers from 2012 to 2016.

75. Republican Vote Fraud In Arizona Republican Helen Purcell of Arizona denied the franchise to many blacks and Latinos. Some spent a whole work day waiting in line. Many precincts were closed. Voters were told certain sites had run out of ballots etc.

a. Some spent all day long trying to vote see addendum

76. Kris Kobach, Republican election official in Kansas, election crimes. He and Kansas GOP required proof of citizenship.He published a separate voting instruction pamphlet for Latinos which gave them the false impression that they have more days to vote than in actuality. In addition, he eliminated passports as acceptable ID in the Spanish edition.

77. Billionaire operatives pay pornographers to spam political internet discussion groups as a way of driving them off of the internet. They forge phony letters libeling Nigerians by portraying them asking for money.

78. In many states the homeless have been disenfranchised because of lack of address. Jon Husted removed homeless people from Ohio rolls.

79."An appointee of >President George W. Bush, Judge Schroeder argued in a nearly 500-page rulingthat eliminating same-day voter registration, cutting a full week of early voting, barring voters from casting a ballot outside their home precinct, ending straight-ticket voting, and scrapping a program to pre-register high school students who would turn 18 by Election Day does not overly burden voters of color. He also upheld the state’s strict voter ID requirement, which residents argued waspassed with the intention of suppressing African American votes."

80. Election officials changing names and birthdates, e.g. in Mike Pence's Indiana

81. Violent rent a mobs: e.g. Roger Stone, Republican operative, organized thugs into the "Brooks Brothers Riot" in Florida, through intimidation shutting down the recount vote which stole the election from Al Gore. Simultaneously, Republicans organized mobs outside the vice presidential mansion asking Gore to leave. This is the same Roger Stone who worked with fellow violence inciter, Donald Trump.

82. Coupled with Trump, Kobach, Bannon try at datamining all state records to be stored on White House computers and supervised by a member of Pence staff is Jeff Sessions' DOJ ltr implying voters (nonGOP) be purged Rachel Maddow report.

83. Everyone has a right to vote very quickly, to vote before election day, to have many

precincts available, a paper trail, and a voting network free of hackable voting machines.

84. Ohio Republicans in court were forced to testify that antihacking software had been removed by Secretary of State Husted's operati

85. Korean Americans and Asian Americans, often Democrats, have had their votes suppressed by the GOP.. Greg Palast has reported that in the 6th District of Georgia, 6000 Koreans were prevented from voting, told their registrations had not been received. When they produced photocopies of the voting rolls, one was arrested. Karen Handel suppressed the vote when Georgia Secretary of State.

86. Republicans have often eliminated people with the same 1st and last names but different middle names such as Robert A Smith and Robert L Smith, or Stephen A Kim and Stephen M Kim

87. Kris Kobach, GOP Secy of State in Kansas, required birth certificates, published deceptive Spanish instructions designed to make

Latinos think they had more days to vote.

88. Ohio Republicans in court were forced to testify that antihacking software had been removed by Secretary of State Husted's operatives.

89. Trump's commission requests 10 years of every voter's name, address, politial affiliation, social security number, any felonies etc. 45 states are refusing to comply with some or all of the unconstitutional violation of privacy by Trump, Kris Kobach, Sessions, Bannon etc.

90 Libel "One of young Roger Stone’s first dirty tricks for CREEP was sending a campaign check for $200 to liberal Republican congressman (and Wilson Sonsini co-founder) Pete McCloskey on behalf of the Young Socialist Alliance, and then forwarding a copy of the receipt to the publisher of the largest daily newspaper in New Hampshire, the Manchester Union-Leader" Mark Ames writing for the StoneZone

91 Republicans in Pence's Indiana thwarted the registration of 40,000 African Americans
"Patriot Majority USA, a liberal group that runs the Indiana Voter Registration Program, which calls itself the largest voter registration program of African-Americans in the state. It says it submitted some 40,000 registration forms this year — until Republican officials stepped in."

92 Vote fraud by Republican Secretaries of State in Georgia, Ohio
and other Republican vote fraud incidents
Brian Kemp Georgia's Republican
Another Republican SOS, Karen Handel, was sued by the ACLU for voter suppression. She was 'elected' in the 6th congressional district of Georgia recently.
Allen Cty Indiana sheriff is said to have denied right to vote to those in jail
Republican Ken Blackwell, former Ohio SOS,
was involved in voter purging and in addition
'accidentally' released milions of social security numbers. He is with 2 other vote purging criminals, Kris Kobach and Mike Pence,
on Trump's datamining privacy violating commission.



Before Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted in 2016 removed 2 million nonRepublicans from the voting rolls (subject of several
lawsuits while Trump takes the stolen loot of the tree of poisoned fruit) Republican Ken Blackwell, Secretary of State in 2004,
was a key operative in stealing in a variety of ways the 2004 election for G W Bush. He is currently on the 'bipartisan' datamining
privacy invading vote fraud commission of vote fraudster Trump, along with vote fraudsters Mike Pence (in Indiana) and Kris Kobach of Kansas.

That year Diebold, Ohio based, still owned their easily hackable voting machines. The Diebold CEO O'Dell said at the Fairlawn Hilton at a GOP fundraiser that Diebold would do all it could to elect Republicans. The Ohio Republican theft of the national election was the
subject of a congressional committee investigation chaired by Rep. John Conyers who published a book sized documenation of fraud, an extensive article in Rolling Stone by Robert F Kennedy Jr, and a book by Bob Fitrakis.

That year in Ohio John Kerry received huge crowds, including 17,000 people waiting in the cold rain for several hours in predominantly Republican Zanesville. Bush never drew more than 4,000.

On election day, many Democratic precincts had voting machines removed. In Akron's North Hill, voters were kept waiting in the rain outside for 1/2 hour after
the precincts should have opened. At Kenyon College, students were kept waiting
in line til 4 am the next day. In Warren, Ohio, Democratic observers were locked out. In Republican Gahanna county, a Diebold machine recorded over 4000 votes for Bush though only 600 some people voted in the district etc. etc.

Along with Blackwell's criminal theft of the election he
'accidentally' released milions of social security numbers. Was he paid for the datamining windfall?


Reagan, G H Bush, G W Bush twice, Trump.... all had illegitimate elections.
Republicans stole elections from Carter, from Dukakis, from Gore and Hillary Clinton, both of whom won the popular vote, from John Kerry who won Ohio and therefore the election.

Iran Contra involved giving arms both to Iran and to Central Americans fighting against a more socialist government. Reagan was elected because a. G H W Bush and James Woolsey met on March 12, 1980 with Iranians who agreed to keep US POW's in jail until election day, an act of treason. In addition they had created the gas price problem and had sabotaged through Oliver North Carter's rescue attempt.

We are asked to believe that most Republicans voted for Trump despite his attacks on John McCain, considered by those who approved of the war in Vietnam to be a hero.

96. Trump's biased vote fraud commission includes Ken Blackwell who as GOP Ohio Secretary of State coordinated the Ohio theft of the US election from John Kerry in 2004 through a variety of methods, including requiring that voters could not register except on super-thick 80-pound card stock, preventing thousands from signing up. Several books and articles by Representative Conyers, Robert F Kennedy Jr, Fitrakis and others have
focused on the myriad tricks of Blackwell and his operatives.
Quote source: Wash Posthttps://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/trumps-commission-on-election-integrity-could-instead-restrict-voting/2017/05/12/b9d4fdde-3698-11e7-b373-418f6849a004_story.html?utm_term=.de5fa677bbda

97 The racist executioner Jeff Sessions who is the attorney general of the US has reversed the DOJ position which was opposing the crime of Ohio vote purging.



98 In Wisconsin, gerrymandering means that 40% of the electorate, the GOP, control 60% of the seats. The GOP
and Scott Walker have truncated the right to have election recounts with new legislation.

GOP Governor Bevin of Kentucky was elected by vote fraud in 2016
The Democrat candidate was double digits ahead in the polls on the eve of the election. In addition,
Democrats won by double digits in nongubernatorial races.
https://www.alternet.org/election-2016/ ... matt-bevin
In Wisconsin, gerrymandering means that 40% of the electorate, the GOP, control 60% of the seats. The GOP
and Scott Walker have truncated the right to have election recounts with new legislation.
http://host.madison.com/wsj/news/local/ ... 5b136.html

101. Kris Kobach, GOP Secy of State in Kansas, has a history of vote fraud
https://www.brennancenter.org/blog/unco ... ng-history
https://slate.com/news-and-politics/201 ... trial.html
ACLU.org has an article on the 35,000 in Kansas disenfranchised by Kobach's draconian birth certificate and other requirements

Why was George Wallace, the racist governor of Alabama, shot in May of 72. He had a significant voting block and would deflect votes from Nixon
and give them to the Democratic presidential candidate, George McGovern.

103 Earlier it was reported that 95% or more of the nation's radio waves are Republican owned. They often avoid reporting
voting registration deadlines to the public.

Wallace was not killed but confined to a wheelchair by the shooting of Kissinger operative Bremer. Wallace eventually went to a black church
and asked forgiveness for his past racism.

Google continues to give prime search placement to Republican candidates... as it did in 2004 when every request for John Kerry information prompted 15 Google-algorithm-designed negative websites
 In some cases nonGOP links are not listed.

Google was begun at Stanford by the CIA which funded
Sergey Brin and provided over half of the university's bandwidth to him. The CIA made him a billionaire and in return he has done whatever the CIA asked.

Google is the world's biggest censor, hiding or eliminating links to which the public has the right of access.

105 Gravis and Rasmussen 2 of several GOP public relations firms passing themselves off as pollsters... Real Clear Politics
   lists Rasmussen as if it were legitimate.

106 Republican operatives in May 2018 primaries were a.slowing down election site computers and b. interfering with phone calls... as happened in NH when those who jammed Dem handicap access phone lines went to jail

107 Hundreds Of Categories Of Republican Vote Fraud in Most States

108 It is fitting that Oliver North was elected as the new NRA prez. He worked with G H W Bush to sabotage President Jimmy Carter's rescue helicopters
for the Iran hostages after Bush and Woolsey on March 12 1980 met with Iran
officials ..
In Iran's secret agreement with Bush and Woolsey who had each been head of the CIA but were during the meeting 2 private citizens guilty of treason for negotiating with a foreign government, the result was Iran received weapons
and in return held the hostages imprisoned 9 more months until the election. The aim was to portray Carter as incompetent.

109 In at least 1 Ohio county, the Board of Elections sent nonRepublican registrants absentee ballots which when opened showed no ballot.
Many of these people have no transportation because of no vehicle, handicap nature etc. Some of them would not be able to get another mail ballot back in time.

110 Governor Rick Scott, Republican of Wisconsin, had to be sued by former AG Eric Holder 3 times before he was forced to stop delaying in causing a special election which resulted in a Democratic victory.

111. Texas has not had a statewide Democrat elected in 30 years. Democrats, blacks, Latinos are in the majority in the state. Texas gerrymandering, draconian voter requirements, varieties of vote fraud are the reasons.

112. In addition to falsifying algorithms, Google promotes Republican sites and often hides Democratic, Green, Libertarian, Socialist sites. One frequent trick example.. one searches for 2018 Senate races and what comes up first is a 2012, 2010 or 2014 site.  The CIA made Sergey Brin a billionaire, funding his development of Google at Stanford University.

Republicans have made Ohio, Wisconsin, Texas, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida
the most gerrymandered states.

114  On June 6, 2018, 100,000 Los Angeles citizens found their registrations had disappeared from the computer. KABC, KNBC and other war promoting media in addition did very little to inform the public about primary registration deadlines or primary day.

115. Ballot mail delayed

116. Absentee ballots hidden inside junk mail clusters

117. lying ads

118 Printer delays as by Midwest Direct in 2020 .. Democratic counties Summit and Cuyahoga experienced delays of several days to 14 or more.

119 Shortening the deadline for vote counting  attempts by Republicans in 2020 in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Ohio

120 limiting the dropoff boxes for absentee ballots to 1 per county

121 ownership of voting machine companies by Republican candidates

122 ownership of radio and tv networks by Republican candidates who promote their own campaigns and censor the opposition

123 blocking automatic universal registration of every citizen

Several million NonGOP voters purged in GA, OH, TX, NC, NV, IN, etc by Republican attorneys general.


125 22% of US who are Catholic.. millions of them were informed that the Pope had endorsed the Republican candidate in 2016

126  suppression of Green, Libertarian, socialist candidates etc by censoring media and difficult access to ballot


ESS Elections Systems & Software admits lies denying giving remote control devices for voting machines to GOP election controllers in 18 states in 2016 etc

128 US mail slowed down, many post office boxes removed, sorting machines removed

129 electoral college or the US House has 5 times installed as president someone who got fewer votes

(Quincy Adams, Benjamin Harrison, Rutherford Hayes, G W Bush, D Trump)


130.  The US Senate gives residents of Wyoming 68 times more power than residents of California.  2018 figures

39,560,000 residents of California 577,000 in Wyoming. Rural states with Republicans have much more power in the Senate than the highly populated states of CA, NY, FL, TX, IL, PA etc  178 million in the 10 most populated states have no more power than the 9 million in the 10 least populated. The Declaration of Independence 'all men (and women) are created equal' is denied by the structure of the US Senate.

131 Suppression of Native Americans   The Republican senate candidate in South Dakota had operatives who went around collecting the license plate numbers of Native Americans as they registered.. to intimidate them.

132 Republicans on the Supreme Court in 2020 backed a GOP ban on driveby voting in Alabama, 1 of 5 execution

    states  In 2018 Republicans on the Supreme Court upheld Texas' racist gerrymandering, and through that

   racist gerrymandering throughout the US.. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/supreme-court-upholds-texas-voting-districts-in-racial-gerrymandering-case

133 In recent years 3 Democratic Senators or Senate candidates and 1 Republican died in plane crashes Senators Paul Wellstone Dem of Minnesota, Missouri Dem candidates for Senate Mel Carnahan and earlier

Missouri Dem Jerry Litton died in campaign plane crashes.

134  President John F Kennedy and Attorney General Robert F Kennedy were assassinated. Senator Edward Kennedy's back was broken in a plane crash. The other 2 men in the plane died. John F Kennedy Jr and his wife and sister in law died in a plane crash. He'd been planning a political career.  Doug Boutzier, Libertarian Senate candidate in Iowa, was polling at 5%. His mysterious death in a plane crash was the reason Joni Ernst became senator.

Libertarians pull votes from Republicans more than Democrats.

135 California Republicans set up fake absentee ballot collection boxes in 2020


136 Armed militia in Georgia, Oregon, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan and other states have said they will go armed to voting precincts...

    a campaign designed to spread fear in voters





Purgers: Ohio Republicans purged over 1 million voters, Georgia Republicans removed 1.4 million voters, Kansas

and Indiana as well.







/> https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2014/05/15/americas-most-gerrymandered-congressional-districts/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.cb1d281b55d4

Addendum: The 2016 Republican received less than 1/4 of eligible voters in the US. Kansas' Secretary of State

Republican and the White House had

 a giant datamining

effort as they sought social security numbers, drivers' license numbers, history of voting, party affiliation and several other

categories of voter data. 45 states have refused to give some or all of what has been requested.


A spokesperson for the group Let America Vote on WBUR stated that this is a prelude to Trump asking for draconian new voter suppression laws. He said one aim of Trump's datamining plan has been achieved... some antiTrump voters not wanting him to have

access to their information have already removed their data from voting rolls.

Kris Kobach, GOP Secretary of State, suppressed nonRepublican voting in Kansas. He was on record saying the federal government

under Obama should stay out of state elections. Now that there is a Republican president he has changed his tune.

The Kentucky Secretary of State said the Trump request violates state privacy laws.

Many states sell voter ID information, also violating privacy.

Republicans have over and over in many states opposed same day registration, automatic registration when getting a driver's license,

expanded voting hours, automatic and universal voter registration etc.

Don McGahn, one architect of Trump theft of the US election From PR Watch "McGahn was ethics lawyer to scandal-ridden Rep. Tom DeLay, played a lead role in transforming the FEC into a toothless watchdog, and has represented the Koch Brothers' Freedom Partners and its PAC, which bankroll a large network of right-wing groups and political campaigns. A prominent Republican campaign finance attorney, McGahn has been a controversial figure for more than a decade, and is notorious for politicizing and crippling enforcement of federal campaign finance laws while serving as a GOP-selected FEC commissioner from 2009-2013. McGahn's embrace of dubious campaign finance and ethics practices as counsel to Rep. Tom Delay and the National Republican Campaign Committee--combined with his disdain for laws enacted by Congress--raise serious concerns about what advice he is providing Trump and his transition team. Trump's recent decisions to meet with investors and to sidestep creating a truly blind trust mix business and politics in ways that present serious conflicts of interest and raise the specter of Trump cashing in on the presidency." Should a thief of the election be vetting judicial nominees in lower courts for Donald Trumphttp://www.prwatch.org/…/don-mcgahn-trump-transition-lawyer…http://washingtonspectator.org/did-an-election-day-lawsuit-stop-karl-roves-vote-rigging-scheme-in-ohio/

B. ROMNEY In 2012, Romney caused vote fraud with a variety of crimes

a. buying a whole radio network Clear Channel to have it promote his candidacy

b. contracting with Nathan Sproul whose network ran phony registration drives and threw away all nonRepublican registrations in 8 states

c stole primaries from Ron Paul (see one of the books on the subject)

d. harmed Gary Johnson's Libertarian Party candidacy in a variety of ways

Nevertheless In 2012 Romney received

less than 20% of the votes of those eligible.

C. JON HUSTED IN OHIO Federal judge Algenon Marbley in June of 2016 declared Ohio Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted's practice of eliminating ballots because of, for instance, a missing zip code, unconstitutional. There have been at least 3 separate actions of Jon Husted which have drawn condemnation from the federal bench in 2012 and 2016. Since taking office Husted has eliminated 2 million from the voting rolls, virtually all Democrats and third party voters. US District Court Judge Michael Watson ruled that Husted's elimination of early voting was unconstitutional.

In 2012 federal judge issues 17 page condemnation of Ohio Republican scofflaw attorney general Jon Husted.

D. ARIZOBA Republican Vote Fraud In Arizona Republican Helen Purcell of Arizona denied the franchise to many blacks and Latinos. Some spent a whole work day waiting in line. Many precincts were closed. Voters were told certain sites had run out of ballots etc.

a. Some spent all day long trying to vote

b. Helen Purcell, Republican election operative, closed many voting sites in Latino and black neighborhoods.

"In Helen Purcell’s mad dash to consolidate polling locations across Maricopa County, she somehow forgot to have polling places open in densely-populated Latino communities on the day of the primary. This is a glaring oversight, given that 40.8 percent of Phoenix’s 1.5 million residents are Latino. Democratic State Senator Martin Quezada told AZCentral.com that the lack of available polling locations for the Latino community was problematic.' quote from usuncut.com

c. Purcell operatives reregistered Democrats as independents, and gave them provisional ballots. In other casees, Democrats found they had no registration at all and were barred from voting.

d. At heavy traffic voting times, voters were evacuated from some sites.

e. The election was called for Hillary Clinton while countless people were waiting in line.

f. Small rooms were provided in some cases in which sites had not been closed.

g. Polling places in Democratic areas 'ran out of ballots'.

"Purcell said she didn’t know how the 60 locations for polling places were selected. “A team” within her office chose the spots.

Purcell conceded that no one in her office took into account whether the polling places would have been approved by the Department of Justice — in other words, whether the placement of the polling places might disenfranchise voters.

Purcell said polling places were large. Yet one pollworker testified that it was smallest room she’d ever worked in during her 20 years working elections.

Purcell said “to her knowledge” no polling places ran out of ballots. This, despite widespread reports that polling places ran out of ballots.

And Purcell blamed a lack of funding for what clearly, undeniably, unavoidably was a total foul up." The above quote is from

E.SUPPRESSION OF BLACK VOTE an almost infinite subject

1. Suppression of the black vote throughout the south,

2 police in Florida in 2000 barring precincts

3. Jacksonville Times Union publishing a special black edition, giving false voting instructions

4. harsh voter ID requirements

5. elimination of precincts and Dept of Motor Vehicles in black neighborhoods in Alabama

6. police at checkpoints at Watts precincts in Los angeles in the 1968 Democratic primary., with

Ohio Republican Secretary of State John Husted is removing 2 million people from the voting rolls as Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris did in Florida, stealing the election from Al Gore.


in 2012, the estimated populationwas 314 million. If one deducts 2% for noncitizens, then 307 million

were eligible to vote. If one deducts 23% for population under 18, then 236.9 million were the Americans

eligible to vote. The total vote for president in 2012 was 127 million votes, with Obama

receiving 51.19%, Romney receiving 47.32%, Libertarians receiving .99% and Greens .36% with other parties

receiving less. Romney's 47.32%is 19.9% of the total number eligibleto vote. Of The numbers, third

parties would be higher but many states block third party voters in a variety of ways, and corporate owned media block third parties from the debate, etc. 8.6% of the US population has a felony convictionbut different states have different rules about voting by

felons (a number which includes Jesus, Gandhi,and others).


Karl Rove was involved in 300 million dollars of PAC money for GOP candidates, including his involvement in a flip the vote scam... computer fraud in 25 Ohio counties. In addition Rove in both the Romney and McCain campaigns paid Nathan Sproul for his phony voter registration drives which in 8 states threw away all nonRepublican registrations.


Democrat Vote Fraud

1. Hillary Clinton staff manipulated 5 primaries' results, 2 million in California alone, and stole the Democratic nomination from

Bernie Sanders through vote fraud in CA, NV, AZ, IA and NY and suffered a quick karmic return as Trump through varieties of

vote fraud stole the election from her.

2. In Maryland with the help of Diebold, Ben Cardin stole NAACP president Kweisi Mfume's primary victory.

The US Has Never Yet Been A True Democracy, With 1 Person, 1 Vote


Trump's fraudulent 2016 win:

a. Several million NonGOP voters purged in GA, OH, TX, NC, NV, IN, etc by Republican attornes general.

b. 22% of America are Catholic. Millions of these voters were falsely told that the pacifist abolitionist socialist celibate protector of Mother Earth had endorsed the

children-bombing, executioner nominating, errand boy of the rich, sexual assaulter and

pawn of the petroplutocracy Donald Trump.

c. ESS Elections Systems & Software admits lies denying giving remote control devices for voting machines to GOP election controllers in 18 states etc

d. The Trump campaign hired Nathan Sproul whose operatives have gone to jail in Florida. In 8 states Sproul conducted phony general voter registration drives, but employees threw away all nonRepublican ballots. Sproul had worked for the McCain and Romney presidential campaigns as well.

e. In Ohio alone, Jon Husted, currently running for lt. governor, criminally removed

over 1 million voters from the rolls, stealing Ohio from the Democrats and giving it to


f. In Georgia, Brian Kemp, nation's biggest purger, removed 1.4 million names since 2012, giving Georgia to Trump

g. In Kansas, Kris Kobach was another racist purger as was the Mike Pence GOP machine in Indiana, etc. etc.





Pennsylvania and North Carolina Republicans have unsuccessfully tried to block the counting after election day of absentee ballots which are postmarked on election day or before. The Supreme Court was split 4 to 4. In Georgia the governor Brian Kemp has continued to suppress minority voting in a variety of ways. The Republican Secretary of State in Ohio has limited drop off boxes to 1 per county ballot, has as a single individual changed the Ohio votecounting law deadline Nov 18 rather than Nov 24 . Midwest Direct, a Cleveland company, has delayed ballots to Democratic Cuyahoga and Summit counties





The virus is being used as an excuse to cutting down on precincts



Recommended Books:

Billionaires and Ballot Bandits by Greg Palast

How To Steal An Election (Florida 2000 presidential race) David W Moore

Many books have been written about the fraud which installed Rutherford B Hayes as president. A new one is Fraud of the Century.

What Happened In Ohio by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman have written about the fraud of the 2004 election.

Rolling Stone published Robert F Kennedy Jr's What Happened In Ohio as well as


In 9 Central and South American countries, Andres Sepulveda, now in jail, rigged elections in favor or right wing candidates.

Romney ties to voting machines


Florida's Jeb Bush voter purge


span class="link">http://www.asktog.com/columns/042ButterflyBallot.html


The book Ratf**cked about Rove and Jankowski fraud.


Nathan Sproul and Colin Small tied to Romney and McCain campaigns https://oversight.house.gov/sites/democrats.oversight.house.gov/files/do... Republicans account for most vote fraud


Judge George C Smith has upheld the criminal removal of 2 million people

from Ohio's voting rolls by Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted,

thus requiring that many people reregister each time they vote.








Scofflaw Republican Kris Kobach of Kansas

span class="link">http://americablog.com/2016/02/kansas-proof-of-citizenship-voter-registration.html




The Kasich machine made Ohio a winner take all Republican primary in 2015.




span class="link">http://frontloading.blogspot.com/p/2016-republican-delegate-allocation-by.html

Supreme Court: Because of the thefts of elections by Republicans on the Supreme Court, the Afghanistan and Iraq wars resulted, with milions of deaths and casualties, and the impoverishing of the US

Many prisoners were murdered by states etc.



Nathan Sproul vote fraud hired by Romney McCain Rove and several state GOP parties


10 dirty election tricks


CIA in politics


Picture illustrates the way Ohio and other Republicans keep control through gerrymandering.


Picture illustrates the way Ohio and other Republicans keep control through gerrymandering.


Retired NSA Analyst Proves GOP Stealing Elections


5 ways Republicans make it harder to vote




NC voting machines flip votes to Republicans


Romney's Plan To Rig The Electoral College






What Happened In Ohio\: A Documentary Account (how Ohio Republicans in myriad ways stole the national election from Democrats and John kerry


*22 How Republican Party stole nomination from Ron Paul




Georgia: Republican dirty campaigning In Georgia, triple amputee, Administrator of www.amazon.com%2Fdp%2FB071P9K1DH%2Fref%3Dasc_df_B071P9K1DH5065723%3Fsmid%3DATVPDKIKX0DER%26tag%3Dshopzilla0d-20%26ascsubtag%3Dshopzilla_rev_5-20%3BSZ_REDIRECT_ID%26linkCode%3Ddf0%26creative%3D395093%26creativeASIN%3DB071P9K1DH&mid=184056&cat_id=10060900&atom=10303&prod_id=&oid=7806197214&pos=1&b_id=18&bid_type=4&bamt=be85fa8f6ad737f6&cobrand=1&ppr=ea2c15a289e533b3&rf=af1&af_assettype_id=12&af_creative_id=2973&af_id=615103&af_placement_id=1&dv=d45834915fe4ac01b4d62cf40415edda" rel="nofollow" title="Link added by VigLink">Veterans' Affairs and Senator Max Cleland was unfairly and savagely attacked by Chambliss who would later cosponsor the unconstitutional AETA bill


South Dakota: suppression of Native American vote by Senator Thune



How Jeb Bush role in 2000 election in Florida led to a new wave of voter disenfranchisement


Alabama to stop issuing driver’s licenses in counties with 75% black registered voters


Georgia: Handel's cheating


Republicans in Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Virginia have plotted to remove popular vote totals in electoral college.


5 links on the conspiracy by G W Bush and Ohio Republicans to steal the election from Kerry in 2004

Congressional report


Robert F Kennedy Jr writing in Rolling Stone






Husted stole Ohio's legalization of marijuana vote with the help of old Diebold voting

machines. Diebold, Ohio based, sold the hackable machines but they remain in many Ohio precincts.

owning voting machines as Romney's son did



Unexplained bullet in Ron Brown's head

http://www.rense.com/politics6/bullet.htm the unexplained bullet in Ron Brown's head




Election officials changing names and birthdates, e.g. in Mike Pence's Indiana


Ohio Republican Secretary of State John Husted is removing 2 million people from the voting rolls
as Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris did in Florida, stealing the election from Al Gore.

Husted manipulated the legalization of marijuana vote with the help of old Diebold voting

machines. Diebold sold the hackable machines but they remain in many Ohio precincts.

Following 3 are re Arizona's Helen Purcell, Republican and her varieties of vote fraud




In 2008 Elron Electronics, an Israeli defense firm, tallied the Iowa precinct total.


Microsoft suspected of vote fraud


Romney family investment in Ohio voting machines






Ohio Republican election workers convicted of fraud

http://rangevoting.org/OhioConvictns.html (Thank you to Mitchel Cohen)

(Hillary Clinton disenfranchised 3 million independent voters in NY, stealing the state victory from Bernie Sanders. Her campaign was involved in Arizona, Iowa, Wyoming, Nevada and other vote fraud as well.)

Karen Handel further vote fraud in Georgia runoff


Diebold's icy hand in Ohio voting


28100 Oct 19 2016 latest addition

Newt Gingrich campaign workerforges 4000 signatures


Nathan Sproul GOP operative for Romney and McCain who operated a 'voter registration' drive in 8 states and threw away all nonGOP ballots





Election officials changing names and birthdates, e.g. in Mike Pence's Indiana



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