Senator Inhofe Cancels 1 Mammal Cruelty, Keeps Many Others Going


Oklahoma Republican Senator Jim Inhofe's Bloody Record

Oklahoma GOP Senator finally ended his annual fundraiser pigeon shoot murder after several years but continues his mammal murder votes.
In 2017 after perhaps 10 years of the annual pigeon murder, Oklahoma Republican senator Jim Inhofe stopped the brutal pigeon shoot.

1. he continues voting for the murder of trillions of animals in illegal immoral wars, whose 21 trillion $
cost keeps Oklahomans from having decent schools,
2. he continues to be the pawn of Oklahoma centibillionaire cattle rancher butchers who have murdered billions of mammals cruelly while
causing diseases to those who eat them, and baking the planet in 3 digit temperatures through deforestation
and methane gas,
3. he continues supporting AETA which is law because he and Senator Izakson were 2 of 4 original cosponsors still in the Senate
4. he voted to allow hunting in Alaska's national park and the murder of hibernating bears and wolf cubs etc.
5. Inhofe is also a pawn of oil frackers who have with the help of Scott Pruitt and himself caused 5000 earthquakes in Oklahoma
.. a record for the nation. The biggest earthquake in Oklahoma history was generated by frackers.
6. Inhofe voted for serial judicial murderer and dovehunter Neil Gorsuch as a Trump nominee to the US Supreme Court,
the Republican pentocracy of war rubber stamping, execution supporting, racist gerrymandering approving justices who are unelected, at present serve for life, and can quash the will of 330 milion Americans.

Jim Inhofe was one of 4 initiators of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act which protects factory farms,
butchers, trappers, etc. from the video cameras of nonviolent animal protectors. The AETA
law shields the terrorists against animals while criminalizing unconstitutionally the first amendment rights of citizens.

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