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revised in August 2013

Around the world for many millennia, angels, in Hinduism devas, emissaries of
God, have been giving messages to all human beings. Some messages are for the
recipients only. Many are for all. Not everyone believes in angels. Some doubt
their messages. Some copyright the messages given freely by these selfless

The ancient sacred Sanskrit scriptures, Biblical writings, Pali sutras affirm
that God can make a donkey or any other creature speak. God can speak through
children to adults. It is not the intelligence of the receiver but the openness
of the receiver
to God's light and love which determines how much is received.

Sometimes angels give visual and subtle symbols to bypass the resistance
and ego of the receiver. They give roleplay in dreams. They speak softly and
directly inside our heads and hearts.

Sometimes they give visions of things to come, years or decades, centuries
before they happen, as a way of teaching that God is before and after time,
surrounding it, inside it.

1. The composer Schumann said he could not take credit for his work. After a
of painful explosions in his ears, he began to hear angelic music and was merely
a recorder.

2. Brahms said his music came from beyond himself.

3. Puccini spoke of receiving Madame Butterfly from God.

4. Helen Blavatsky described herself as an amanuensis, a secretary only of the
Tibetan masters.
5. Einstein wrote in his autobiography that angels gave him E = MC squared in a

6. Srinivasa Ramanujan, the greatest mathematician ever, according to many,
spoke of Namagiri, one of many names for God, giving him dreams in which
equations were written on the wall. He memorized these. Namagiri also came to
his mother asking that she no longer block his life's purpose.
7. Elias Howe who added the lock stitch to sewing machines was gifted with a
vision of Native Americans carrying spears with holes in the spear point (thread
openings for sewing needles).

8. German chemist August Kekule's ouroboros vision (a snake biting his tail),
revealed to him that molecules like benzene can come in rings.

9. The fruitarian Leonardo Da Vinci wrote in
his Notebooks he would meditate on a candle, whose flickering sent him into a

10. William Blake wrote of angelic visitations as the source of many poems.
Atheism, agnosticism block these free gifts. Those who operate only on average
human frequencies
only, thwarting by unbelief all higher frequencies, can even turn to laboratory
torture of animals.

11. Nicola Tesla spoke of communication with higher beings.

12. Socrates wrote of a daimon (not demon) as his muse.

The Course In Miracles, transcribed from an inner voice over 7 years time,
containing 1500 pages, and transmitted in iambic pentameter, states that the
message is first for the messenger. Helen Schucman was the amanuensis.

God remind us that all messages have their source in Divinity, whether or not
they are distorted by the conduits through which they come or the aura's color
of the receiving prisms. Water flows through a many tiered fountain...
bursting or gurgling in a variety of ways, sometimes through the top it pours
down to different shells. The source is the water, not the fountain's tiers.

-saiom shriver-


Revised with additions from in writer's opinion
has some errors but is very informative. The program says Socrates had a guiding
demon. In actuality,
he spoke of his daimon, an advanced being, different from a demon. Socrates'
pedophilia, Da Vinci's weapons making, Einstein's role in creating the at om
bomb .. do not attest to their ethics, but to their brainpower




Shakespeare who in Venus and Adonis wrote "thy body is a swallowing grave" wrote
in Twelfth Night "He is a heavy eater of beef. Methinks it doth harm to his

How does meat or animal flesh harm the brain?

1. Animal fat clogs all arteries, including cerebral arteries, and leads to
stroke and heart disease, the world's number 1 killer.
2. Amyloid plaque, a byproduct of animal protein, causes Alzheimer's or senility
as it lines the cerebral arteries, cerebral cells, and all the arteries of the
3. Mercury reduces long range memory.. and is concentrated at rates of as much
as a million to one in animal and fish flesh over its occurrence in water.
Mercury is only one of many metals such as chromium, iron, lead, tin, as well
as compounds such as arsenic,pcb's and pbb's in the ocean.
4. Prions: the work of Nobel laureate Dr Stanley Prusiner was put on a back
burner at Harvard, which is invested in the meat industry. He left and continued
his prion research at Stanford. Prions are a cause of Mad Cow or bovine
spongiform encephalopathy, cervine spongiform encephalopathy (Mad Deer) etc. 7000 articles
5. Monosodium glutamate MSG is not intrinsic to meat but is put into the muscle
flesh of meat to tenderize it. It also breaks down the brain's and other muscle
and nerve tissue of humans eating the MSG meat.. it is called the Chinese
restaurant headache cause. The FDA allows it in tens of thousands of varieties
of canned food and meats under the deceptive label 'natural flavors'.
6. Vitamin C: speeds up the flow of signals across nerve synapses in brain and
elsewhere.. It is in all uncooked fruit.. and in no animal product. It also
bounces toxins from the brain and elsewhere in the body.
7. Hypoxia or deprivation of brain oxygen is caused by
a. animal fat occluding cerebral arteries
b. tryptophane, an animal flesh protein which generates sleepiness
c. animal protein digestion (a lion sleeps 3 days
after devouring a murdered antelope). Animal protein chains are very long and
are only partially broken down by cooking. A tremendous amount of blood is
diverted from the brain to digest food in the stomach and intestines.
d. amyloid plaque.. a byproduct of animal protein... cause of Alzheimer's
Disease as it lines and blocks the cerebral arteries

e. uric acid or trioxypurine, the pre-urine which would have been processed out
of the animal's muscle cells and through his kidneys had he not been murdered.
Trioxypurine is more addictive than dioxypurine, caffein. Animal flesh eating is
reality an addiction.
8 Red blood cells:
Vegans and fruitarians have more red blood cells per cubic centimeter. Their
blood is more purple. . More red blood cells means more flow of oxygenated blood
to the brain.
9 No adrenalin Adrenalin, a fear and terror hormone secreted by agonized
animals, is a long protein enzyme, some of whose links remain intact after
cooking.. giving similar biochemical effects to meat eaters and interfering with

10. Fruitarians weigh on average the least of any group. In isocaloric studies
in which vegans, vegetarians and nonvegetarians were each given the same
calories daily for 3 months, the vegans weighed 23 pounds less than
nonvegetarians and 11 pounds less than dairy vegetarians. Obesity interferes
with brain function by reducing blood flow to the brain.

11. Most people if faced with a choice between a bowl of nuts or a piece of
flesh which had been unrefrigerated for 3 days would probably choose the nuts.
Animal flesh, a cadaver, develops billions of colon bacteria or ecoli within a
few hours of the animal's zooicide. Tens of millions of food poisoning instances
occur around the world annually. Battling the infections caused by cadaver
eating takes energy away from the brain. Every different piece of cow, pig,
lamb, chicken, fish, egg requires the immune system to fight the organisms of
yet another animal. MTD's, meat transmitted diseases, are more frequent and
dangerous than STD's.

12. Animal flesh causes more deaths annually through heart disease, cancer,
stroke, aneurisms, food poisoning, rheumatoid arthritis, kidney disease etc.
than tobacco, alcohol, and traffic accidents combined. Death permanently
unplugs the physical brain, though not the consciousness of the surviving soul.
Several life insurance companies have begun to give life insurance discounts to
vegetarians and vegans. A January 1973 National Geographic covered centenarian
tribes of the world (the Vilcabamba of Ecuador, Azerbaijans of the Caucasus,
Hunzas of Tibet and reported that they were all vegetarian. Hindu and Buddhist
vegetarian yogis and monks also have superior longevity.

13. The organic food movement is justifiably exploding around the world. A cow
who weighed 1000 pounds when she was murdered ate an average 21,000 pounds of
food. Most insecticides are not biodegradable. The concentrations of insecticide
in animal flesh, fish flesh and dairy are many times higher than in vegetables.
Many insecticides cause brain neuropathy, such as the chemical malaoxon (mal ox
or diseased ox?) formed from malathion which was proven to generate neuronal
(brain cell) injury. A Swedish study concluded that low-dose exposure to
environmental agents such as DDT, pyrethroids, organophosphates, nicotine,
paraquat and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) during the 'brain growth spurt'
can lead to irreversible changes in adult brain development.

14. Animal flesh takes 3 to 4 hours to digest in the stomach. It diverts blood
from the brain as this lengthy process continues.

15. Every disease of the body detracts from brain function. Animal flesh causes
more death annually than tobacco, alcohol, drugs, traffic accidents combined.
Diseases associated with animal flesh include heart disease, stroke, food
poisoning, more than 150 kinds of cancer, kidney break down (carnivores have 5
times our kidney size per pound), etc. etc.

What additives harm brain function?

1. Trash meats (hot dogs, bologna, sausages, sandwich spreads) are treated with
red dye, sodium nitrate, to hide the grey, brown and green colorings of animal
flesh. Fresh meat is an oxymoron since meat is parts of a cadaver. The sodium
nitrate in hot dogs which NPR promoted on June 26, 2012 in combination with the
animal protein of the meat form cancercausing nitrosamines. Lethal cancers end
brain function.
2. monosodium glutamate... MSG...the FDA which has not banned this "Chinese
Restaurant Headache Syndrome" chemical allows this animal flesh tenderizer
(because it
breaks down muscle cells and also brain cells) to be labeled 'natural flavor 3.
tens of thousands of pollutants in the water, air, soil

4. aspartame ... causes brain lesions... was originally developed by Searle as
an antkiller

This article does not delve into the animal agony and torture, the environmental
hazards of deforestation, forest fire, drought and famine, the energy waste and
myriad other effects of eating animals.

THE BRAIN 7000 members nearly 1000 of whom are vegan MD's Michael Klaper MD Stephen Walsh MD

Shakespeare: "Thy body is a swallowing grave" (Venus And Adonis)

George Bernard Shaw: "We are the living graves of murdered beasts."

Shakespeare: "He is a heavy eater of beef. Methinks it doth harm to his wit."
(Twelfth Night)

Leonardo da Vinci: One day the world
will look upon the eating of animals as it now looks upon the eating of human
(It is an analysis of his Notebooks by
authors such as Dudley Giehl which indicates that DaVinci referred only to the
eating of fruits and pastas (the latter is a fruit under the definition that it
is the product of a plant.

Albert Einstein: (paraphrased) The most important evolutionary step humanity can
take is to evolve toward vegetarianism. Dr. Einstein said in his autobiography
that angels gave him the theory of relativity. Einstein ate 1 bite a meat of
year on Jewish holidays to appease his wife.

Chandra Bose, a vegetarian, inventor of the radio which he demonstrated in 1894
in Calcutta was also knighted by Queen Victoria for proving plant sentience with
his crescograph machine

Pythagoras, discoverer of the Pythagorean theorem that a squared plus b squared
equals c squared when a and b are the sides of a right angle and c the diameter,
was a vegetarian.

Nikola Tesla, genius inventor, was a vegetarian.

Linus Pauling: only winner of both the Nobel Peace and Biochemistry Prizes,
fruit as the food which most approximates neural transmitters. He wrote a book
on vitamin C as the body's natural toxin bouncer. His work so threatened
pharmaceutical multinationals that he was followed around on his lecture tours
by them. Vitamin C also speeds the flow of electrical signals across the brain's
synapses. Unfortunately Pauling's Center For Orthomolecular Research after his
death was subsumed by the University of Oregon, a primate torturer, which has
not advanced his work
Pauling defined an orthomolecule or right molecule as a fruitarian or
fruit-based one. He wrote that the neurotransmitters of the brain are all fruit
based. .Vitamin C is best taken in whole uncooked fruit a. to buffer the
stomachb. to allow the time release of the water soluble vitamin and c. because
cooking destroys C) C
also removes toxins from brain cells.

Mary Shelley who wrote Frankenstein at the age of 19 was a vegetarian.

Ramanujan, world renowned mathematician, was a vegetarian.

Benjamin Franklin, author of 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away' was a
vegetarian when he discovered electricity and designed inventions such as the
Franklin stove. Later in Paris he wrote that in being friendly with the French
court's ladies of the evening he had lapsed into venison and venery (venereal

Daniel, chapter one, records that Daniel would not eat the defiled meat of the
king. Because of his dietary charity, God gave him increased visions and mental

Researchers at the University of Illinois found that fish eaters with high
levels of PCB's in their bloodstream have difficulty recalling information they
learned even just 30 minutes earlier.

Isaac Newton wrote that he was an aspiring vegetarian.

Representative Dan Burton has held hearings about the danger of the hepatitis
vaccine. Its mercury is related to autism and to the causation of multiple

While all are temples of the indwelling God and while all can access God's
omniscience (for it is the size of the opening to the Light within all which
consciousness) those with the highest percentage of Phd's are the Asian Indians*
who have the highest percentage of vegetarians in the world.

Dick Gregory author of Cooking With Mother Nature for Folks Who Eat, fruitarian
advocate, political activist, author and former comic, has convinced countless
numbers to take steps toward a fruitarian diet, has run across the US on a fruit
juice diet and has been fasting for 911 truth.

As cholesterol and plaque slowly build up in the brain, they can slowly be
eliminated through chelation therapy or fruitarian or vegan diet. Fruit juice
fasts can eliminate these
toxins more quickly.


a chapter on fruitarianism in The Holy
Science by Sri Yukteswar
Dick Gregory's Cookin with Mother Nature for Folks Who Eat
Morris Krok's writings


NPR also lied about the relationship of animal flesh to weight, and failed to
mention the earlier than national average deaths of Adelle Davis, 'diet' doctor
Atkins who weighed 270 pounds as he died of a cerebral stroke, and Dr. Stillman,
the fleshpromoting doctor from whom Atkins got his ideas.

In promoting organ meats such as the liver and kidneys, NPR is shilling for the
body's filters, which become filthier and more toxin laden each passing year.
As Dick Gregory says, eating fish liver is like eating a used car filter.

In the second installment of its week of meat promotion, NPR gave free ads to
some of the largest factory farmers in the world, Tyson's and Perdue. Not a
word about the universal condemnation of factory farm cruelty was mentioned. Nor
was there any mntion of slaughterhouse torture, the effect of rancher animal
concentration camps on global heating through destruction of sapling trees by
unprotected grazing, energy waste (a pound of meat takes 81 times the energy in
production that a pound of fruit takes).

NPR often refers to animals as 'it' when they have gender. They are either male
or female, he or she.

On the 27th, NPR's Morning Edition gave 2 plugs to hotdog eating. Hot dogs are
corpse pieces in a coffin bun.

The week of July 23rd, NPR ran a San Francisco reporter's story praising a meat
distribution system. Later in the week there was a promotion of the group
Feeding America, a dumping ground for surplus meat and dairy, a group whose
spokesperson spread the disinformation that animal protein was healthy.

-saiom shriver-

thank you to Jan Freundschuh for pointing readers to the photo

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