How Do Chicks And Chickens Die? 14 Of The Ways


How do chickens die?

1. In San Diego baby males were sent alive through a wood chipper.

2. In Iowa on a conveyor belt they are sent alive into a crusher

   and come out as paste.

3. On many farms they are strangled to death.

4. In many places they are dropped into eviscerators,

    metal tubs full of swirling knives.

5. At one major fast food chain, some chickens died

of scalding while alive.

6. On loading docks at many USPS and other places

the chicks are crushed in flimsy cardboard boxes, Republican

senators having removed all the humane protectionsand

having classified these chick males

as commercial mail.

7. Some die of thirst

8. Others in factory farm electric outages

  die of freezing or of baking.

9. Some die in ritual religious sacrifices.

10. Some are dropped into the street as boxes

slip from cranes. These are run over by cars bikes

buses and trucks.

11. At some universities, corporations, and tax supported USDA torture centers

they are researched upon.

12. On some farms they are decapitated by ax wielding human beings.

13. Some chickens molt too soon. Their feathers drop away and they freeze

to death.

14. On farms, helpless chickens caged and captive, are prey to foxes, coyotes, etc

who kill them.


How do chickens suffer?

1 When they are debeaked, their tongues sometimes catch in the debeaker.

2. When they are caged in factory farms, they spend their lives unable in

  many instances to spread their wings. Sometimes 9 are crammed into

a one foot by three foot cage.

3. Sometimes their claws grow around the wire mesh on which they stand

and they are unable to move.

Help change the world.  Don't eat chickens or eggs. Don't buy chicken meals for others. Don't prepare chicken meals for others.




30,000 baby chicks
are sent through a Ward Egg
Farm chipper
by workers too tired to continue
individual strangling.


In Connecticut, Michael Ross
who strangled 8 women is murdered
by the state. As a little
boy his father forced him to strangle baby
chicks on his father's poultry farm


The headquarters of 1 of the world's

biggest chicken killing corporations.


In Arkansas, a million chickens
die as the electricity goes out
and the metal sheds become
140 degree ovens

Republican senators pass into law

a recall of humane legislation as
they reclassify chick males
as commercial mail  Baby chicks
in flimsy cardboard boxes are
smashed on loading docks, die of
thirst, of heat, of freezing.


DeCoster Farms, of Turner, Maine
was fined a pittance: $50,000 in June 1988
for nearly 200 labor law infractions. In
in 1992 their virtual slavery of
100 workers from Central America was exposed.


At Ohio Fresh Egg in Croton,
one half million chickens are bulldozed
alive into graves after a tornado
destroys their metal shed.They are trapped

in the twisted metal. They
were alive 9 days without food or
water in their tornado smashed
cages before the final suffocation.
(Buckeye became Agrigeneral and then
Ohio Fresh Egg)



In Salisbury Maryland
at the Perdue slaughterhouse
cranes on Rt 50 drop boxes full
of chickens into the street..
some die immediately
.. some run in traffic and
are turned into pancakes


Cars are lined up behind
a chicken truck.. chickens
crammed into crates
their broken necks and wings
flapping in the wind.


Every egg represents an average
32 hours the mother
was held captive in a cage.


Chickens are fed
as elsewhere.. the
waste of animals
mixed in with grain
It is called wastelage.


Chicken waste is like quicksand.

Workers and inspectors can sink

into it in factory farms in which

the pits are many feet deep.


The debeaking of chickens
so that they will not peck
each other to death from
the overcrowding.. sometimes
catches the chicken's tongue
in the debeaker.


Chickens live their entire
lives without spreading
their wings.. or taking
a stretch.


Chickens freeze to death
after given forced molting


Every egg requires 120 gallons
of production water.


Every egg served in a hospital
is 275 mg to 300 mg of
brain and heart artery clogging


Fixing eggs for her family
a housewife sees a skillet
full of beaks, claws,
and blood.. from fertilized


Eggs amount for
a large percentage of food
poisoning cases, yet the CDC
runs no warning public service spots.


Chickens are given cattle
parts.. which generates
Mad Chicken or Avian Spongiform
Encephalopathy. The USDA
does not enforce the law.


An old man lies in pain
with arthritis, as uric
acid or trioxypurine from
a chicken's flesh has
crystallized around his joints
in needle formation


Flies are sent by God
to process the 'biblical
plague' of chicken waste
in factory farms.


The use of female hormones
in the food and the
constant stress from living
in 24 hour a day light
and crowding.. create cancer.


Easter chicks for protection
are taken by children to
the zoo.. and are fed
behind the scenes to snakes


Seinfeld actor Jason Alexander
ends his KFC commercials..
after viewing PETA films
of chicken slaughterhouses


A woman neighbor to a factory
farm said the chickens she
raised used to sing when
they were given fresh straw.
The chickens she lives near
she says.. never sing.


Ronald Reagan passed legislation
to double the speed of slaughterhouse
lines.. cancer ridden or dead chickens whiz past


A man is barred from
farming because workers
in his chicken factory farm
nearly died from his illegal
use of nicotine insecticide. He is
convicted also of animal cruelty.
He was invited by Senator Voinovich's
red carpet (bloodsoaked) to Ohio.


Fish in Kentucky rivers and lakes
show sexual deformities
as factory farm urine containing
female hormones pervades waters.


At a Tyson franchisee poultry
farm and many other places,
the chickens are so crowded their
claws grow under the wire mesh
making them immobile
while above them swirl their
molted feathers like a mobile


Frank Purdue ordered
as a little boy to
kill his pet chick
as his father prepared
him for a life of avicide

Later he would give millions
of dollars to the Univ of Maryland
in return for ther beginning
a course teaching students
to raise nurture and then kill
and skin rabbits.

In addition his Eastern shore
short line railroads are
paid for with taxes stolen
from the people of Maryland.


Baby chick males in other
places are dropped into
bins of swirling knives called eviscerators..
for in the chicken business it will
be women spending their lives in cages


In many hospices everywhere
people lie dying of leukemia..
label chicken cancer leukosis
to obscure its transmission to
human beings who eat them


Roche markets Tamiflu for
the socalled avian flu which
in many cases is Mad Chicken Disease

Many of these descriptions of one state
apply to all places there are factory farms.

*** for R F K's lawsuit for the danger of giving cattle
parts to chickens 1000 MD's say avoid animal flesh and products

. mad chickens
. cattle parts
. leukosis
. ecoli
. uric acid
. salmonella through shell hell
. industrial accidents
. kinds of food poisoning
. kinds of food poisoning

. mad chickens
. cattle parts
. leukosis
. ecoli
. uric acid
. salmonella through shell hell for R**'s lawsuit for the danger of giving cattle
parts to chickens 1000 MD's say avoid animal flesh and products

. mad chickens
. cattle parts
. leukosis
. ecoli
. uric acid
. salmonella through shell hell
. industrial accidents
. kinds of food poisoning







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Absolutely heartbreaking. I

Absolutely heartbreaking. I don’t eat them & wish freedom for them all </3