Avoid Meat And Fish Contaminated By Covid19


Some are vegetarian and vegan because they want to avoid causing suffering to other beings.

Others are health vegetarians and vegans.

Still others abstain from eating animal flesh because of the impact on climate change, watershed pollution, energy waste etc.


Animals can transmit their viruses to human beings.

And slaughterhouse workers can contaminate with covid19 and many other viruses the bodies of animals fighting for their lives and the cadavers of those already murdered, drawn and quartered .


Owen Parrett MD who wrote the book Diseases of Food Animals (transmitted by eating their flesh) also wrote "Why I Don't Eat Meat"



Emerging Viruses : AIDS and Ebola - Nature, Accident or Intentional?



Because 80% of those on ventilators die (some from the paralytic diseases) many hospitals are

changing from ventilators from oxygen.



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