Number 534

A Fellow Creature


When he was just a baby

boy cow, they brought

out the knives, needles,

and red hot branding

irons.. to cut off

his testicles,

burn him with their

brand, and shoot

him full of antibiotics

and vaccinations.

A few months later

they stapled his ears

with numbered tags.

Now he is called a steer,

not a bull, for his name

is reduced to the mutilation

they performed.

He was not a living

being to them, but

an object to be


His eyes were bloodshot

from the irritation

of sleeping on his

own and others' fecal

matter. If he had gone

East, he might have

been in an open slatted

truck as the sub zero

temperatures whipped

through the Pennsylvania

mountains. Or if he

were transported

in the summer, he might

have died of thirst,

or been smashed

in the stampede

inside the trailer

as the terrorized

animals bellowed.

At the slaughterhouse

at age 14 months

he was shot

in the head with

a huge metal cylinder.

Because he was luckier

than some, the metal bolt worked

and he was not skinned alive.

As his spirit soared to God,

his body's

weight dropped from

1200 lbs or so to under 800

as they cut off his head,

chopped off his tail and



Chanel Number 5

which had ambergris from sperm

whales, civet from the civet

cat, musk, each oz. from the castrated

glands of 38 musk oxen, and

castor from the Canadian beaver

Should it have been called

Chanel Number 41?


Civet cats are rotated in drums to terrorize them

in order to gain the secretions caused by their fright.

Beauty Without Cruelty and thousands of other groups

publish lists of cruelty free cosmetics.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For a description
of downed cows

IBP (owned by Tyson's
which is being sued
by the Justice Dept
for brining illegal
aliens to slaughterhouse
plants), Monfort,
Excel, and National
are the 4 biggest
US slaughter operations.
Number 534's photo
is on the web. That is the
name NY Times writer
Michael Pollan gave
to a bull he bought
at birth.
534's biography
is on the web
for March 31, 2002
in the magazine.

Hormones given to the
animals make for bigger
babies, and much more
pain for the mothers
in birth.

Weaning of the babies
from mothers is often
done with electric
shocking rods.

Geofrrey Rudd: British
anthropologist (paraphrased)  Though
cows and bulls are
bred for stupidity
so that they will
go meekly to slaughter,
their intelligence
genes return in the

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