Barbaric, Obsolete, Inaccurate, Expensive, Animal Research, General Booth

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Barbaric, Obsolete, Inaccurate, Expensive, Timewasting Labor Intensive Lab Animal Research


Research on animals is

1. psychopathically cruel to powerless voiceless innocent animals

2. inaccurate

3. wasteful of time... takes years in comparison to alternatives taking minutes, hours, or days

4. much more expensive

5. labor intensive Animals must be fed, their cages cleaned, given poisonous 

   injections and brutal surgeries

6. obsolete

7  corruption engendering.. connections to big pharma, lobbyists, suppliers wanting to

maintain the status quo




Oh General Booth


Oh General Booth

not ruthless but ruth
for in God's truth
no flesh uncouth
passed through his mouth



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