David Spitz

Jewish Teachers


   Only the maker can make
                 the shoe.
                 Only the wearer
                 can tell if it fits.
                 This is the argument
                 for democracy..
                 said to his students
                 David Spitz.

                 (Dr. Spitz who dined with
                 Supreme Court justices..
                 taught his students that
                 the Senate was undemocratic..
                 since it gave more power
                 to the rural states. 39 million
                 people in California have the
                 same number of votes as
                 600,000in Wyoming.
(This allows cattle barons and corporate billionaires
to control the Senate) He also felt the Supreme Court
was undemocratic since the justices were not elected. The United Nations is racist
as well as undemocratic, having no African, Arab,
or Latino nations in the Security Council which bars
1.4 billion member India while giving permanent status to 4 Caucasian countries, 2 of them with only 70 million in population.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

George Spitz became
a vegetarian.. in NYC..
and then began
running in his age
class.. he also
ran for city office..
and was loved by those
who knew him.

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